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Cleanroom High Speed Doors: Air Tight and Hygienic


Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd. – India’s No.1 Entrance Automation & Loading Bay Equipment Company offers Cleanroom High Speed Doors under the brand name ‘Prime Clean’.


A Cleanroom is an environment typically available in a manufacturing and scientific research facility with a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapours. Simply put a Cleanroom has a less or no level of contamination.

Usage and Benefits of Cleanroom Doors

In the pharmaceutical industry, Clean-rooms Doors play a crucial role in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products which require the environment to be free from microbial and particulate contamination and protected from moisture.

There is high demand for Clean-room High Speed Doors designed and manufactured by Gandhi Automations in industries such as Pharmaceutical and Chemical, which require quick open and close applications at the entry and exit points as a controlled environment needs to be maintained.

These industries make high demands with respect to hygiene, sealing, operating reliability, fitting and a trouble free after-sales service. Cleanroom High Speed Doors from Gandhi Automations satisfy all the above  requirements and work in strictly regulated operating conditions.

The company offers custom-made solutions for these sectors, while investing a lot of time and money in courses and training for the company’s own production staff and technicians.

The Key Features of Cleanroom

High Speed Doors offered by Gandhi Automations are briefly mentioned below:

–    Cleanroom High Speed Doors are designed for inside applications and protects the your environment against draught, humidity, dust and dirt
–    Operating speed and superior sealing properties improve traffic flows and provide environmental control and savings on energy costs
–    Concept of low air permeability in pressurized rooms with positive and negative air pressure
–    High door efficiency & low permability values
EN 12426 EN 12427 : < 12m3/m2h Δ 50 PA
–    High leak tightness is due to curtain being tightly integrated in special SS 316 satin finish side guides
–    Bottom safety edges and photocells combine to ensure operator safety at all times
–    Heavy duty motor: 230V single phase, opening speed upto 1.5 m/s with inverter system
–    Size upto: 4000 mm (W) X 4000 mm (H).

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