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Combination of Sustainable Construction Lightweight Materials

AAC Blocks

The long run advantage of green products is being appreciated across the globe. The need for such products is almost a prerequisite nowadays. Living and adhering to this spirit is Citadel. Citadel was the 1st Distributor of AAC Blocks to come up with manufacturing of Ready to use Wet Mix Mortar by the Brand Greecobond. They are India’s largest and prime manufacturer of AAC Block. Their principal company name is Biltech Building elements Ltd. Citadel is the sole distributor for lightweight AAC Block Maharashtra. The thing that has made them an impeccable force to reckon with is their unique ‘service metrics’. They own 8 plants at various locations in India and they can cater to nook and corner of the country. Citadel is also the first ever company to come up with a Mobile App that gives in detail information about their product and stepwise instructions of construction activity.

AAC Blocks and beyond

Construction is one of the biggest industry sectors and it has always contributed in building someone’s dream project. Day by day construction industry is growing and unfortunately with the inherited problems. Amongst many challenges, some of them are- Poor Productivity and Profitability, Skilled labor shortages, Time consumed and Cash flow required.

Citadel Eco Build Pvt. Ltd. is in AAC Blocks business for more than a decade and has very well understood the pulse of the customer. Citadel is one the primary game changer. They are the only company who manufactures ISI Grade 1 AAC Blocks with high-quality dry fly ash. Their prime objective includes providing Eco-Friendly and Innovative products to our customers. to do the awareness of Eco products to the society and its benefit in long term and thus contributing to customer as well as Employee satisfaction and to be a disciplined organization that continues to learn and applies methods to achieve the goal. Citadel is an eco-friendly initiative for the construction industry. They have a heritage of making eco-friendly products. Their AAC blocks are the now and future of construction industry.

In their quest for providing eco-friendly and construction friendly solutions, they have launched Pre-fab Reinforced AAC products viz. Slabs, Wall Panels and Lintels.

Having all the advantages of AAC, it will give you an additional edge such as-

– Labour saving which ultimately leads to cost saving in form of daily wages
– Less daily wages means less cash flow required
– Less directing and controlling of labours
– Saving in time means quicker returns on investments
– Less interest on capital borrowed
– Increased productivity



Citadels Edge:

– Multiple Location Production Facility
– Trend Setters in Industry with New Eco-friendly Products in Line
– Reduce cost of Construction
– Customer satisfaction with Ethical Business Practice
– Eco-Friendly Products
– Innovative Products
– Best Quality Product with Highest Safety Standards
– Experience, Integrity & Teamwork

Citadel’s products are superior in quality and they have the perfect solutions for fire safety applications, preventing damages and protecting lives.

For further details:
Citadel Eco Build Pvt Ltd
759, Bhandarkar Rd, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune – 411004, MH
Ph: +91-20 2565 6575
Email: info@citadelecobuild.com
Web: www.citadelecobuild.com


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