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Concrewall is not just a Product but it’s a System by Itself

Sunny Tathele Director – MAAD Group of Compan

The Green System Conrewall now produced in Pune, India. Using technology and equipment by Schnell Homes – Concrewall, Italy. Concrewall is a tried & tested system which is insulated, Fire Resistant, Earthquake Resistant, Acoustic, Durable, Lightweight and economical for residential, commercial and institutional buildings with the theoretically unlimited number of stories. The system is composed of a factory producing the corrugated panel of expandable polystyrene covered both sides by an Electro welded zinc coated high-strength square mesh, which In turn are connected by Connectors realizing a 3-dimensional hyper static reinforcement steel. After erection, the panel surface becomes a Lightweight Monolithic Structure since all the joints are covered with same wire mesh.

The panels are erected on site and in situ sprayed concrete (shear-walls, floors and stairs) and shotcreted (load bearing and partition walls) to construct a complete building. The Idea is that the panel, completed with shotcrete becomes the structural element of the construction. The profile of the polystyrene panel and the vertical wires of the mesh mats form micro-pillers of reinforced concrete, distributing the weight of the structure around the entire perimeter.

The system resolves difficulties of construction companies and developers; typically a ground plus 3 level building can be made with panels (without RCC columns and beams).



Advantages of  Concrewall

  • AntiSeismic
  • Bullet Proof
  • Cyclone Resistant
  • Durable Wall
  • Earthquake  Resistant
  • Electro welded Zinc Coated
  • Energy Saving
  • Hurricane Resistant
  • Industrialized Construction
  • Load Bearing Walls
  • Low Utility Cost
  • Machine Plaster
  • Modular Panels
  • Partition Walls
  • Sound Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation

Components of Concrewall

  • Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Steel
  • Structural Plaster

Types of Concrewall

Single Panel: This panel consists of a sheet of polystyrene sandwiched between two mats of welded wire mesh. The polystyrene sheet can be shaped as required and the thickness can vary according to needs. The Single Panel can be used for the construction of single and multi-story buildings according to the local building regulations.

Double Panel: This panel consists of two single panels joined together with an intermediate cavity. The thickness of the polystyrene and the width of the cavity can be varied according to the performance required. The external faces of the panel are usually finished in plaster.

Floor / Roof Panel: This panel is used for the construction of floors and roofs. The thickness and geometry of the panel can be varied according to the span and project requirements. The placement of the reinforcement and the concrete pour can be made totally on site or partially in the production plant.

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