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Conplast WL The New Avatar: Showcased in Bangalore & Chennai


Fosroc’s iconic product Conplast X421 IC Integral waterproofing liquid for concrete and plaster is now Conplast WL (Waterproofing Liquid) with renewed focus on the market with rebranding and improved designs with better instructions on usability.
The Conplast X 421 IC; an integral component of the waterproofing liquid industry, recently adopted a fresh new avatar Conplast WL.

Conplast WL’s good recall value, fresh packaging, the 3 in 1 benefits and the ISI mark of trust and reliability will surely enhance the iconic image, reliability, and quality offered.
The product is available in 1L, 5L, 10L & 20L retail packing and 100L, 200L barrels for bulk requirements.

A 100 Ltrs option serves as the new addition to the packing SKU’s to service the building segment market.

The product was launched to the market by Mr. Sai Krishnan (Regional Vice President), Mr. Ravindra Babu UB (General Manager North and South India) and Mr. Sanjay A. Almelkar (RSM South India). The grand event was held at the Lalith Ashok, Bangalore in the presence of more than 400 retailers along with channel partners and industry experts. A subsequent event was held in Chennai with around 150 -175 participants.

Similar Launches events are in the pipeline for all major markets of India.



Highlights of the Product

1. Most economical – Cost in use per bag of cement.
2. ISI certified
3. Better performance regarding impermeability, compressive strength, and workability.
4. Low rebound loss and reduced shrinkage crack in plaster mortar.
5. Highly compatible for concrete and plaster mix with natural sand, 100% manufactured sand or crushed rock fines (CRF).


– Improved Workability
– Minimises Shrinkage Cracks
– Waterproofing
– Minimum Rebound Loss
The product will also come in 125ml pouch positioned to address the smallest requirement to the customers.


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