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Construction Chemicals: Sealants & Adhesives


Civil engineering is known as the mother of all engineering branches. Construction and building material sciences is a highly matured technology, world over. However, the other side of civil engineering that is post construction activities, which is commonly referred as maintenance and repairs, is a field where continuously incremental improvements are happening. What we build brick-by-brick, may get destroyed, drop-by-drop seepage of water. To avoid premature deterioration of the buildings and other concrete infrastructure facilities, a scientific approach is essential to avoid leakages and seepages.


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Waterproofing Technology is continuously progressing. At STP Ltd it has one of the biggest R&D division in the field of Construction Chemicals and allied products in India. STP Ltd Products have been in use even much before India got Independence and over the years STP Ltd has become a Master in the Field of Waterproofing.

Most concrete deterioration can be attributed to water penetration. Since concrete absorbs moisture until it becomes saturated. Moisture hastens deterioration not only because it promotes chemical reactions but also because it carries dissolved chemicals that can react with the steel, lime and other components in the concrete. It also plays a major role in concrete deterioration.


Sealants :- are used to block the passage of fluids through the surface or joints or openings in materials, a type of mechanical seal in other words , they seal top structures to the substrate, and are particularly effective in waterproofing processes by keeping moisture out.

When sealants are used between substrates having different thermal coefficients of expansion or differing elongation under stress, they need to have adequate flexibility and elongation. Sealants generally contain inert filler material and are usually formulated with an elastomer to give the required flexibility and elongation. They usually have a paste consistency to allow filling of gaps between substrates. Low shrinkage after application is often required. Many adhesive technologies can be formulated into sealants.

STP Ltd is a market leader in sealants in India, they have a big range of sealants:

– Polysulphide : ShaliSeal PS
– PU Sealant : ShaliSeal PU 2k
– Bituminous sealants: ShaliTex Sealing Compound
– Coal Tar Sealants : ShaliJet Sealing Compound

Adhesive are used for holding two surfaces together. An adhesive must wet the surfaces, adhere to the surfaces, develop strength after it has been applied, and remain stable.

Practical view-point From these preliminary remarks it can be seen that adhesives are scientifically and technologically diverse subjects encompassing the fields of polymeric materials, rheology, surface chemistry, engineering mechanics and process technology. Adhesion on the other X-Polymers-H-Adhesives-3 hand is a specific interfacial phenomenon pertaining to the degree to which the surface of two different materials are attracted to each other. The molecular basis of adhesion is rarely studied in practice; one resorts to secondary means of determining the forces of adhesion (contact angle, contact potential, adhesive joint strength).


STP Ltd has Adhesives like

– Rubberised Bituminous Adhesive: CPRX compound :
– Epoxy Bonding Agent for joining old & new Concrete ( ShaliBond Concrete)


We often hear that India is going to become world power. It sounds musical to our ears India is now in the process of becoming a golden bird, which it was once.

India has the ability to develop indigenous technologies, processes, rather than inviting and importing technologies. Construction chemical manufacturers like STP Ltd are promoting durable technologies suitable to our national economy, affordability and environmentally friendly & suitable to our weather and climatic conditions.


About Bio:


Hasan Rizvi
Sr. Vice President, STP Ltd.

Mr. Hasan Rizvi is a Civil Engineering Graduate & Post Graduate From AMU and specializes in the field of Hydraulic structures. He has worked with reputed construction groups in India and for the past decade, he is associated with Construction Chemicals. He has participated in a number of conferences and organized presentations regarding development in repair and rehabilitation of structures and waterproof Technologies. Presently he is working with STP Ltd as the Sr. Vice President.

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