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    Construction of Longest bridge in North India over Chenab

    Construction of Longest bridge

    The longest bridge in North India is being constructed over river Chenab In Pargwal area of Khour Sub Division in Akhnoor Sector with the estimated cost of Rs 206 crore under Central Road Fund (CRF), will be ready by September 2021.

    With the completion and commissioning of this 1640 mtrs concrete double-lane bridge, over 40 villages and nearly three dozens of hamlets of Pargwal will have direct connectivity to the Khour Sub Divisional headquarters.

    As part of the design of this 12 mts wide longest bridge in North India – there will be 40 piers along with a 1.5 mt foot path on both sides. The maximum height of the pier will be 38 ft while 26 ft will remain in the river bed. Each span will have 42 mts length.

    The construction of the longest bridge in North India is, however, marred with difficulties. Initially, the site was shifted twice due to objections by Defence authorities and soil problem and there after JKPCC could not even finalise tenders for two and half years. The R&B took control of this project from JKPCC and the work is said to be going on smoothly after the allotment of work to a Chandigarh based company through e-tenders.

    Work on the longest bridge in North India started in Sept 2018. The joint venture of VKG & Associates and M/s MBZ have been entrusted with the task of project. The work on 18 piers including two embankments, out of total 40, has been launched.


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