Construction work for its jetty: Jaigarh port

Construction work for its jetty: Jaigarh port

Jaigarh Port

Hiranandani Energy is developing a (floating storage and re-gasification unit) FSRU-based LNG re-gasification terminal with JSW Jaigarh Port in Maharashtra. The Energy unit, being a part of Hiranandani Group has a capacity of 4 MMTPA, which will be expanded to 8 MMTPA in later times.

Committed to work in a commercially viable environment, the jetty construction work at Jaigarh Port will be a major step in the development of the LNG re-gasification project, said the CEO of H-Energy. He further added that, the strategic partnership and association with JSW is a perfect fit in the development of infrastructure for importing much needed natural gas into the country.

The commercial operation of the LNG facilities is hopeful to start functioning before December 2018 and it will be the fifth LNG import terminal on the west coast. The 5 million tonnes Dabhol LNG terminal is also located at Jaigarh.

The project aimed at providing a 60 km gas pipeline from Jaigarh terminal linking it with the existing pipeline at Dabhol.

As per agreement L&T Infrastructure Engineering Ltd, Chennai will assist in the jetty design, while the civil construction work is tendered to ITD Cementation, Mumbai.

H-Energy and Jaigarh Port have jointly appointed COWI India Private Limited, Chennai to supervise the jetty construction.

“Connected to the terminal, H-Energy’s Jaigarh – Mangalore pipeline development is also making substantial progress on its regulatory approvals and route surveys. It will be a lifeline to the Konkan region and Coastal Karnataka for the provision of natural gas to industry and homes,” Hiranandani added.

H-Energy has been sourcing and downstream gas supply through its gas marketing company, negotiating on medium and short term LNG contracts providing end-to-end gas solutions to its customers.

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