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    Construction workers in Coimbatore demand PF, ESI

    construction workers

    Around 40 workers from the construction wing submitted the petition. They demanded that welfare schemes, including compensation, be distributed within 30 days of a worker’s death.

    “We demand compensation for the relatives of a worker in case of his or her death,” said N Selvaraj, a member of the union. “It should be Rs 5 lakh for a natural death and Rs 10 lakh for an accidental death,” he added.

    The workers also demanded that women be given six months’ salary, which according to government norms is at least Rs 90,000, as maternity benefit. In the construction sector, physical labourers should also get the government fixed maternity leave, they said.

    “All workers, like white collar workers, should get provident fund and ESI membership so that they will have some savings after retirement and get free treatment,” said Selvaraj.

    They also demanded free housing or land, up to three cents, for all registered workers.

    “The labour department should have scholarships or fee subsidies for workers’ children, especially if the worker dies during his work period. Pension should kick in if a retired worker has documents to prove he is above 60 years. Pension too should be increased to Rs 3,000,” said Selvaraj.

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