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    Consultants for Kochi Water Metro project have been shortlisted

    Kochi water metro project

    The Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) has completed short-listing general consultants for implementation of the Rs.740-crore integrated water transport project (Water Metro) from among the 15 bidders. After technical evaluation, the short-listed firms will be asked to submit the request for proposal (RFP) within 45 days. The consortium of agencies are the ‘AECOM Consortium’ (Aecom India Pvt Ltd, Urban Mass Transit Company Ltd and Zebec Marine Consultants & Services Pvt Ltd); Egis Consortium (Egis India Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd and Egis International) and Inros Lackner Se Consortium (Inros Lackner Se, Gopa, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd and Fibroplast Marine Pvt Ltd). As per the tender, the scope of the work of the general consultant includes project management; planning and construction; supervision for finalization of routes; study on the type of boats to be purchased; and construction of new jetties. The consultant will also look into the other aspects including navigation; OCC and other systems; dredging; approach roads and associated infrastructure; boat jetty area development including commercial retail and operation; and maintenance. Implementation of the Water Metro project will make Kochi the first Indian city with water connectivity as a feeder service for the Metro Rail.

    Source: metrorailnews.in
    Image source: Kochi Metro Blog


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