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    Control cement price, Coimbatore civic body contractors urge state government

    Coimbatore Corporation Contractors

    The Coimbatore Corporation Contractors’ Welfare Association has urged the state government to control the cement price, which has been increasing exorbitantly in recent times.

    The association recently submitted a petition to the special secretary of Tamil Nadu K Padmanaban seeking to control the cement price. The petition was referred to the chief secretary of industry for further action.

    In the petition, the association said the cement price has increased from Rs 340 per bag in January to Rs 380 per bag in February, an increase of 11.7%. The price rise has affected construction industry and government contractors. A cement bag costs about Rs 330 in neighboring states, including Telengana and Andhra Pradesh.

    “Though the price of raw materials for cement remains same, the cement price has been increasing every month and it increases the expenditure of construction industry by five to eight percent. Moreover, cement has become costly after the implementation of GST,” a member of the association said.

    About 1.2 crore workers are dependent on construction sector. The price raise has become a threat for employment.

    The association has also decided to file a complaint with the anti-profiteering committee of ministry of finance and revenue.



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