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Controlled Dismantling of High-rise Structure


Abhijit Acharya , Regional Sales Manager-West, Tyrolit India Superabrasive Tools Pvt. Ltd3000 cubic metres of concrete to be dismantled, 5 floors of a highrise structure, 24×7 working….that is the task which was accomplished using Controlled Dismantling Technology, powered by Tyrolit….

Very few times has Highrise dismantling been done successfully in India, and each time, Tyrolit has been at the forefront, making such a difficult task possible. 10 machines working for almost 4 Monster Wire Saw SB – Ripping through concretemonths, more than 40 blades, 600 metres of diamond wire and scores of core bits were consumed in bringing the task to completion.

Machines, ranging from the handy Tyrolit DME3.3 Core Drilling System to the powerhouse, Tyrolit SB Wire Saw System were used to dismantle multiple floors of a highrise without any vibrations, undue noise and most importantly without any iota of damage to the existing structure left behind.

Floor Saw at work FSE-1240 – Cutting floorsThe Tyrolit FSE1240 and Tyrolit HFS811 Floor Saw Machines were first deployed to dismantle the floors, providing sufficient propping from below. Subsequently the beams, columns and shear walls were dismantled using the Tyrolit DZ-S2, and Tyrolit WZ Wall Saw Systems. Wherever the thickness of the concrete member exceeded 350mm, the Tyrolit Wire Saw Systems were deployed. The Tyrolit SB Wire Saw System with the Tyrolit PPH40 Hydraulic Power Pack cut through concrete like a knife through butter. Cranes were deployed at strategic locations to support and evict the cut portions from the cutting area.SKSD-Most Reliable Wire Saw

The contractors earned the appreciation of the client as a result of the superior performance of the systems which resulted in amazing productivity. The client can now construct the balance floors and earn revenue much faster as a result of the speed with which the dismantling of the original structure was done.

Result – Lesser downtime, faster reconstruction, better cashflows….

Did anyone say Controlled Dismantling is expensive….DZ-S2 Wall Saw – Cuts easily

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