Controlled Measures for Construction Industries

Controlled Measures for Construction Industries

construction industries

70 % of the buildings in Indian cities are yet to be built by 2030. The challenges for the construction industries are to ensure a safe environment by reducing pollution in the air. Construction in the Nation Capital was forbidden for a week last year, but this is measure is not enough to the malicious time- tested activities carried out in the construction sites and also transportation of sand gravel, stones etc through crowded cities.

Nitin Bansal, founded Prithu Homes to build multi-family homes in 2015. As the head of a firm he felt the need to do whatever possible to reduce the spread of construction debris and material into the air. Considerable hours have been spent looking for workarounds and alternatives that will curb the activities.
Some of these controlled measures, he pointed out are

Sands which are used for concrete are dumped at the construction site which pollutes the environment carried by the wind. To minimize the wastage of sand and also to provide a safe environment, using of ready-mix concrete (RMC) is the best choice instead of creating concrete at the site (Site-mix Concrete). Dry, ready-mix plasters are also available in bags.

As most of the houses are built in the 60’s and 70’s, renovation of these building is required. Control demolition measures by covering- up of the site using ‘shade nets’ from all side will help control the spread of debris into the air. But the “shade net” has to be sealed on all sides to be effective.

Using of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks instead of red bricks is better as they don’t need to be soaked before use. Similarly, readymade plaster does not require curing in which water have to be poured over walls and so on. Materials that come in closed bags reduce the probability of their mixing with the air

The Ministry of Environment notified a Graded Response Action Plan to fight air pollution in Delhi and the National Capital Region area last month. With the plan in place, measures such as odd-even rules and restrictions on construction work will be automatically implemented.

Unless the construction industry takes action to reduce its contribution to air pollution, it’s bound to lose out on the completion of its projects.

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