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    Corporate rebranding to HiKOKI

    Hitachi Koki
    Mr. Takeo Tamagawa, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications office, Strategic management division- HiKOKI; Mr. Tomoaki Moro- Managing Director, HiKOKI; Mr. Dattatraya Joshi- Executive Director & Secretary, HiKOKI

    The corporate rebranding of Hitachi Koki to the new brand HiKOKI is a major step for Hitachi Koki and its international growth strategy aimed at ensuring sustainable growth while expanding business in the nearly 150 countries in Hitachi Koki s global network.  KKR acquired Hitachi Koki in March 2017. While the company’s management remains the same, it has acquired better financial strength and autonomy which offers more scope to take decisions faster and develop products as per the market requirement.

    HiKOKI India in its first step of embracing its new identity will be conducting a Mobile Vehicle Campaign where two mobile vehicles will throughout the country over the next six months to provide a complete experience zone for its consumers. This campaign will provide a great opportunity for HiKOKI to present its to-notch ensemble of new tools to its consumers and let them experience first hand of Japanese technology driven quality and precision they pride themselves on.

    HiKOKI International plans to make the Indian arm a 100 percent subsidiary. They are launching new technology Multi Volt Tools and aims to aims to increase headcount in India 15 percent YoY by 2020 and achieve 1000 dealers in India by 2020.


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