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Crafting Relationships Since 1960!


The foundation of the brand Ekbote lies on the four strong pillars of excellence in quality, style, selection and qualitative customer service. The evolution of a brand is often measured in the rising levels of progress. As one of the oldest furniture brands in our country, Ekbote furniture has show cased impeccable quality, outstanding growth and advanced furniture style since 1960. With an ultra equipped factory spread over 6 acres (250,000 sq. ft.), at Ranje village, 23 km away from the city of Pune, Ekbote has added a distinct touch to corporate interiors. Numerous renowned brands in Hospitality, Automobile Engineering, Banking, IT and Construction have trusted the solidity and preferred the aesthetics of Ekbote’s Furniture.

Mr. Govind Ekbote the technical brain behind the Ekbote’s likes challenges so in order to overcome the recurring problem of warpage and bending of very tall wardrobe shutters, by using the conventional Plywood he rapidly did trials, cladding the tubular boards with 3mm decorative Veneered Plywood to make a 8 foot high wardrobe shutter in 30mm thickness. The outcome was perfectly balanced shutter with no bending or warping. Additionally the 30mm shutter was very light in weight due to tubular boards inside. Due to it Ekbote Logs & Lumbers P. Ltd. executed a large project order with 10,000 wardrobe shutters in a span of 3 months with a smile on the client’s face.

With this experience of success Ekbote’s is developing a hybrid con-struction material and willing to share the knowhow with any furniture unit, who are interested to eliminate the warping problem in shutters to provide furniture with great stability


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