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    Delhi Metro collects Rs 38 lakh from fines for sitting on train floor

    Delhi Metro

    Recently, an RTI reply revealed that Delhi Metro has collected a sum of Rs 38 lakh as fines over 11 months from those commuters who were caught sitting on the floor of the train! Moreover, from June 2017 to May 2018, Rs 90 lakh was collected by Delhi Metro from 51,000 people for various offences including, littering, travelling with undervalued tokens, creating a nuisance and obstructing officials on duty. Here is a list of scenarios listed by Delhi Metro where penalties can be imposed and you may even face imprisonment:

    • A fine of Rs 50 is imposed for ticket-less travel in Delhi Metro. Moreover, commuters who are found travelling beyond authorized distance can be fined Rs 50, besides the difference in the amount of fare.
    • The act of vandalism, indecency, drunken behaviour, use of offensive and abusive language, spitting, quarrelling is a punishable offence and can charge up to Rs 500 under the O&M Act. However, Rs 200 has been fixed by Delhi Metro for this.
    • A fine up to Rs 5000 is imposed for carrying dangerous and offensive material on Delhi Metro with imprisonment extending up to 4 years.
    • A fine up to Rs 1000 is imposed for putting up posters without lawful authority or defacing the Metro premises or trains with imprisonment up to 6 months.
    • Rs 50 is penalized or imprisonment of 1 month or both for those travelling on the roof or any other part of the train, that is not intended for the use of the commuters.
    • 6 months imprisonment or a fine of up to Rs 500 or both is imposed on those walking on Metro tracks without lawful authority.
    • 1 year imprisonment or a fine up to Rs 1000 or both is imposed on offenders for willfully obstructing any Metro official in discharging his or her duties.
    • 1 year imprisonment or a fine up to Rs 1000 or both is imposed for improper use of official communication equipment.
    • For damaging/destroying Metro boards or documents, imprisonment up to 2 months or penalty of Rs 250 or both is imposed.
    • A fine of Rs 500 is imposed for unauthorised sale of tickets with an imprisonment up to 3 months.
    • In case, a person deliberately throws an object with intent to damage any part of the train or its commuters, then he/she will be punished with a life imprisonment or rigorous sentence up to 10 years.
    • Imprisonment up to 10 years will be given for damaging any property or causing fire hazards or explosions.
    • Imprisonment of 7 years is imposed on people for tampering with any safety device and endangering the safety of commuters or obstructing trains.
    • For misusing the alarm, a fine of Rs 500 is imposed.
    • A fine of up to Rs 500 or sentence up to 6 months is imposed for any unauthorised sale of articles at Metro railway premises.
    • A sum of Rs 250 is penalized from male passengers (above 12 years) for travelling in women coach.

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