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    Delhi Metro first in the world to get the carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    Delhi Metro

    The Delhi Metro’s initiative to install roof-top solar power plants at its premises has become the “first-ever” green project to be registered with a UN framework on climate change for any metro or railway system in the world. It is the first in the world to get the “carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” Pollution levels in the city have reduced by 6.3 lakh tonnes every year thus helping in reducing global warming.

    Registration of the clean development mechanism project has been made with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under the ‘small scale category’ for facilities with an installed solar capacity of less than 15 MW.

    A total of 31 grid-connected roof-top solar power facilities across the stations, depots, receiving sub-stations and residential colonies of DMRC were identified for this clean development mechanism project.

    The project is expected to generate an estimated 18,506 carbon credits, though the exact number of credits will be available only after verification audit scheduled mid-2018.

    At present there are about 18 lakh people travelling in the city’s Metro Rail system . If not for the Metro these people would have travelled by cars, busses, two/three wheelers etc which would have resulted in emission of green House Gases such as CO2, CO, HC, NOx, PM and SO2. Thus,there is reduction in emission of harmful gases into the city’s atmosphere with the help of DMRC and the United Nations Body administering the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol has certified that DMRC has reduced Emissions and thus earned carbon credits worth about Rs.47 crore annually for the next seven years and with the increase in number of passengers, this figure shall increase.

    Because of the stringent requirement of the United Nations Body to provide conclusive documentary proof of reduction in emissions no other Metro in the world could get the Carbon Credit for the above. It is difficult to give documentary proof of the difference of energy consumption of two scenarios, i.e. “With Metro and Without Metro”. Using sampling techniques DMRC proposed an innovative method of proving the emissions. After rigorous persuasion the UN body has finally agreed with this technique as the technique is very scientific in nature.

    The Metro has already been registered by the UNFCCC in two categories for promoting clean development mechanism and earning carbon credits.

    Every passenger who chooses to use Metro instead of car/bus contributes in reduction in emissions to the extent of approximately 100 gm of carbon-di-oxide for every trip of 10 km and therefore, becomes party to the reduction in global warming.


    News source: http://www.delhimetrorail.com/press_reldetails.aspx?id=746xECETA6Qlld






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