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    Delhi’s IGI Airport saves 70% water by using new environment-friendly techniques

    Delhi airport

    Apart from being among the world’s leading airport, the Delhi airport is also adopting solutions for environment protection and water conservation.

    For environmental protection, various measures have been taken along with green cover plantation across the airport. At the same time, a new automatic irrigation system has been set up at the airport for water conservation, according to a Dainik Jagran report. With this system, around four lakh square meters of area is being irrigated from four underground sewerage treatment plants built there.

    According to the report, apart from laying several kilometers of pipeline for this procedure, a micro-processor based controller is also being used. This is saving about 70 percent of the water. This saved amount of water is equal to the water used by around four thousand people in Delhi on a daily basis. Delhi’s IGI airport is one of the continent’s busiest airports.

    The Terminal 3 of IGI airport has been built on world-class standards. According to the facilities of the terminal, arrangements of water conservation have been made. The inclusion of modern technology has been supported for installing the system. The water used at the airport is brought for purification and refinement at the four underground water treatment plants having a capacity of 3.5 million litres. Later, the water is used for irrigation of plants through a pipe spread across a distance of 90-kilometers.

    A spokesperson of the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) was quoted in the report saying that that trees have been planted in the airport area across a distance of about four lakh square meters. The water is being treated with micro-processor-based technology and is then used for irrigation. The irrigation process involves a sprinkle and dip system. This technique not only stops the waste of water and electricity, but also helps maintain the soil quality and the productivity of the land. He added that this irrigation system for water conservation at the airport is the largest in India as of now.

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