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    Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport surrounded with green cover

    Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport, green cover

    It may be the summer season, but people going towards the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in Delhi, can still experience the refreshing magic of the spring season. According to a Dainik Jagran report, in an attempt to provide a peaceful and fresh environment for the air passengers, a special landscaping has been done at the IGI airport.

    Around two lakh trees and plants have been grown at the central verge of the airport, being a huge source of attraction for the passengers. These trees and plants not just help in reducing the atmospheric pollution but, the green grass cover and the colorful flowers also provide a pleasing view to passengers.

    For this reason, the airport has also been conferred with an international award recently. According to the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), the attractive green cover at the IGI airport which has been grown at the airport is more than any other airport across the entire country. Also, it had been declared recently that the IGI airport is among the busiest airports in Asia. Around 1200 flights operate from the airport and around 2.5 lakh passengers travel by air from here on a daily basis.

    Till about a few years ago, the green cover at the airport was average. But now, the green cover at the airport has grown tremendously as special trees of international origin have been bought and planted at the airport. Among these special plants, the plants from Germany are considered important. They have been planted on both sides for about four kilometres at the airport’s entrance central verge.

    The CEO of DIAL, Videh Kumar Jaipuriar was quoted in the report saying that they are working on developing the airport across many aspects. The increase in green cover was just another step towards environmental sustainability. The IGI airport is the first airport to be awarded the leadership energy and environment design (LEED) gold rating, according to DIAL.

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