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Demtech India is taking shape


The agenda for India’s first demolition conference, Demtech, is taking shape. 13th of November at Hotel Sahara Star in Bombay is the place to be if working with demolition, recycling, remediation or concrete cutting in India.

Demtech India 2019, India’s the first Indian conference dealing with demolition, recycling, remediation and concrete drilling, etc is starting to fall into place. The conference will be held on November 13 in Bombay at the Hotel Sahara Star, which is right next to Bombay International Airport. In conjunction with the conference, India’s first trade association for demolition, recycling, remediation and concrete drilling will be founded with a grand ceremony on the evening of November 13.

In practice, the association, called IDA Demolition Association, is already active and several local meetings with entrepreneurs have been held at various locations around India. Mohan Ramanathan, with many years in the industry, is one of the initiators. “We have met great interest from entrepreneurs around the country, both to the Demtech conference itself and to the association itself. Already today we expect up to 100 members of the association. There has long been a great pent-up need for this, both the conference and the association. In addition, India is growing so it is cracking right now and the outlook is very good,” says Ramanathan.

IDA is the main organizer with the support of the company Riverbends Publishing and the global demolition journal PDiMagazine.

Heavy sponsors

A number of large well-known players in the market have chosen to sponsor the event and the fact is that it is a large proportion of technology from all over the world. The main sponsor is Volvo CE. Associate sponsors are Epiroc and Hilti. The next sponsor stage is Affiliate sponsors, which lines up Husqvarna Constrcution Products, Edifice (an Indian demolition company), Pentruder, Shearcore with the brand Fortress, Brokk and Aquajet Systems. However, Mohan Ramanathan expects more sponsors to emerge until November 13.

Table Top Exhibition

This time, which is the first Demtech event, there will only be a smaller exhibition section directly adjacent to the conference and more of table top booths where exhibitors have the opportunity to tell about their products. However, the space is limited and there are a total of 20 so-called “Table Top exhibitor seats”. “We have deliberately kept a fairly low profile in terms of the trade fair, but the idea is that Demtech will be held every year and we hope to make a bigger trade fair in the future. This year, the conference and trade fair will be an important place for “net-working”, says Ramanathan.

Interesting lectures

India is one of the most expansive countries in the world right now and is the seventh largest country in the world. The population is approximately 1.339 Billion people. BMP is growing by about 7% right now and in the country there are about 200 really big and 120,000 medium and small entrepreneurs working on demolition, recycling, decontamination and concrete drilling. Demand for these services is high, with more professional equipment needed to work with. This is where Demtech comes in as an important part of the process. As Demtechis a one-day conference, it will be a packed program and the project team working with the conference is now working intensively to complete the program. However, there is already a preliminary program. The day begins at 10am with an inauguration ceremony, which will be chaired by a minister of the Indian Parliament. This will be followed by Mohan Ramanathan who will hold a brief welcome speech closely followed by a speech from PDi Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jan Hermansson. Dr Gaurav Bhatiani, who is, among other things, chief economist at the company IL&FS, Ltd, will present the current situation and prospects in the Indian economy with a focus on the construction and civil engineering industry. There will be a number of presentations from the sponsors as well as accounts of different methods. A number of Indian cases stories will be presented as the extension of Bombay’s subway, which is undergoing extensive expansion. Here Brokk demolition robots has played an important role in the work. The extensive demolition and dismantling of the Mahatma Gandhi Setu Bridge, which crosses the Ganges River in Bihar will be presented by the Indian contractor Edifice. The length of the bridge was 5750 m. There will also be presentations by the International Association of Concrete Sawers & Drillers, IACDS’s president Michael Findeis and European Demolition Association secretary José Blanco. The day continues with a presentation of an advanced “decommissioning” of a nuclear power plant in Romania where different types of demolition methods were used such as wire sawing and remote controlled demolition robots. Youssef Hallak from LT Diamond Drilling will be presenting the case. Dr. Vimal Kumar will present the work at India’s largest recycling plant C-Farm. Time will also be given to visit the exhibition area, partly through regular breaks, at lunch and during an hour in the afternoon. The conference day ends with a panel discussion. IDA will then hold its first committe meeting before the festivities in the evening begin with a gala dinner and the dedication of the association. A more detailed programme can be found close by. www.demtech.in


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