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    Diesel Generators will be indispensable in Building and Construction Industry in Future

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    Among the many challenges faced by the building and construction industry, one of the most eminent challenges is the availability of power for undertaking construction activities. These activities include excavations for foundations, land levelling, road construction, bridge construction, concrete mixing, crane operation, bore well digging, on-site pre-stressed concrete production, welding operations, rail construction, metro construction and other related activities.

    All these activities require electric power in the construction site to operate various machines needed to undertake construction activities. In most cases, grid supply is not available and the companies depend on power generators to supply the required power.

    The building and construction industry in India is all set to grow steadily as predicted by KPMG in a report where it highlighted that 9 crore houses needed to be built in India at an estimated investment of US$ 2 trillion to accomplish the “Housing for all by 2022” vision. As clearly this would also involve the investment of another US$ 1.5 trillion in supporting infrastructure comprising commercial real estate and urban infrastructure. By any yardstick this kind of investment is gigantic and if achieved could foretell well for the power generator industry, especially the diesel generator industry.

    Although solar-powered generators along with hybrid generators are posing a challenge, diesel generators will be the real backbone of the building and construction industry as diesel generator manufacturers are in a position to quickly scale up their production and launch diverse products that can cater to the expected high demand.


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