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    Direct route to Samayapuram temple nearly ready

    Direct route to Samayapuram temple nearly ready

    A new service road leading to Samayapuram temple from Chennai–Tiruchi national highway will be completed in the coming month. The 1.6-km service road, which is being built by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), will provide direct access to the famous Mariamman Temple in Samayapuram from the highway.

    The road branches off from the left of Padalur–Tiruchi stretch of the national highway near Samayapuram toll plaza. The work involves construction of three minor bridges with the entire works proceeding apace.

    Work on laying the service road began in last August following approval of the project and sanction of funds to the tune of Rs.12.77 crore by NHAI, which is simultaneously engaged in a slew of other works aimed at reducing accidents on different stretches of the Tiruchi – Dindigul and Tiruchi-Madurai national highways.

    The service road work was taken up by NHAI following persisted demand from devotees and other road users, especially those coming from the northern side of the national highway, for direct access to the temple instead going through a median opening and then crossing the other carriageway, which was found to be extremely risky given the heavy volume of vehicles on Chennai-Tiruchi national highway.

    The project was taken up on public demand and nearly 65% of the works have been completed. The project is proceeding swiftly and works relating to formation of road with bituminous cover will begin shortly in the stretch up to the temple. A retaining wall to a length of 440 metres has been completed. Two minor bridges have been completed up to the deck slab and construction of another bridge is also in progress.


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