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Discover the Way of Eco-Friendly Construction

AAC Slab for Roofing

With new technologies constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures, the benefits of green building materials can range from environmental to economic to social. In this regard, the Citadel is one the primary game changer. They are the largest suppliers of lightweight AAC Blocks from Biltech Building Elements Ltd.

The thing that has made them an impeccable force to reckon with is is their unique ‘service metrics’. They own 8 plants at various locations in India and they can cater to nook and corner of the country. They are the only company who manufactures ISI Grade 1 AAC Blocks with high-quality dry fly ash. They are selling more than 5,00,000 Cum per annum.

However, the firm’s work doesn’t end at the point of delivering the AAC blocks rather they are committed to assisting their customers till the wall masonry work is successfully completed. They provide Dry Mix Mortar, the best to be used with AAC Blocks. The combined use of both AAC blocks and Dry Mix Mortar is a cost effective solution for buildings.

Complete AAC SOLUTIONS through wall panels, Slabs and lintels

In the gamut of Citadel, are now offering complete AAC solutions with the best Readymade AAC Slabs, Wall Panels and Lintels. They are also providing the chasing machine which makes wall grooving impeccable and without any distortions and hand tools that are just right to work with their product.

Specifications for wall panels, slabs and lintels:

– Reinforced AAC Structure makes is stronger and durable
– Anti-corrosion treatment of reinfor-cements- Reinforcements used is pro-cessed with patented anti-corrosion treatment involving 2 coats of ACM (Anti-Corrosion Mix) and 1 coat of Inertol and it is evaluated by Central Building Research Institute(CBRI).
– Unique Tongue and Groove design, facilitate easy fitting and efficient
– Water repellent as the silicon oil is added to the wet AAC mass.
– The whole content being AAC, weight is just 1/4th the weight of dense
– All the products are having ISI marks and norms and are conforming to relevant Indian Standards.
The AAC edge over other conventional products:
– Time Saving-Tremendous saving in time as it facilitates just place and join type construction.
– High Strength to weight ratio- AAC has the strength to weight ratio of 18 to 22 compared to M15 grade concrete having 16.
– Sound Absorption- Excellent sound attenuation up to 45db with plaster which blocks out major sounds and disturbances.
– Energy efficient- Millions of tiny air cells created during manufacturing of AAC contributes to providing excellent insulation leading to savings in energy cost.
– Less Water Required- Facilitates neat and clean construction and construction in water-deficient areas.
– Fire Resistance- AAC sintering is carried out 1300°C making it fire resistant up to 1200°C and up to 6 hours of direct exposure.

Citadel is also the first ever company to come up with a Mobile App that gives in detail information about their product and stepwise instructions of construction activity.

For further details:
Citadel Eco Build Pvt Ltd
759, Bhandarkar Rd, Deccan Gymkhana,
Pune, Maharashtra – 411004.
Phone: 020 2565 6575
Email: Info@Citadelgr.com
Web: www.citadelecobuild.com


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