Dry-Shake Concrete Surface Hardeners from Rocland


    Rocland Hardners 1Rocland Pvt. Ltd. is a part of RCR Industrial Flooring Group having its presence in more than 43 countries including US, Asia, Europe & Africa with annual turnover of 160 MN Euros. Rocland is an international manufacturer of dry-shake concrete surface hardeners, screeds, admixtures, and curing and sealing agents. The company’s products are used in millions of square metres of industrial flooring globally each year.

    The Rocland brand was first launched in France in the 1980s to bring innovative products and services to the industrial flooring market. The company were instrumental in establishing the concept of dry-shake monolithic concrete floors in Europe, and quickly gained respect for our technical prowess through out the world. It’s products are renowned for being easy to work with, which aids trowelling and helps ensure exemplary floor flatness. Infact Rocland has a suitable product for every application.

    Rocland Hardners 3Rocland’s dry-shake surface hardeners add a protective finish to concrete floor surfaces, providing durability, abrasion resistance and colour. They also act as a surface fibre suppressant for fibre reinforced concrete. The brand has a strong international presence and caters to the its clients worldwide.

    The benefit of a surface hardener

    A surface hardener adds a protective layer to the concrete floor, reducing the amount of surface wear and tear caused by  abrasion.

    This helps to extend the life of the concrete floor, reduce repair costs, minimize disruption, and keep the floor’s smart appearance for years.

    Testing methods for abrasion resistance

    Tests to measure the abrasion resistance of a floor’s surface are described in parts 3, 4 and 5 of EN 13892.

    In conclusion, by adding a Rocland surface hardeners the abrasion resistance of the floor can be significantly improved, helping to lengthen the life of the floor and reduce operational and repair costs.

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