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DURAfloorprotector for Effective Protective Floor Covering


Use of protective floor coverings is necessary to ensure that beautiful new floor doesn’t get damaged before the end of the construction project. However, choosing the wrong protective floor covering can be worse than not using one at all. Therefore, choosing pro-per protective floor covering material is equally important as floor covering itself.

There are certain factors one should keep in mind while deciding on protective floor covering material. It should be noted that conventional materials cannot be used as protective floor coverings for all types of floors and so they have limited utility. Some of the most common floors to protect during construction projects are hardwood floors, tiles, marbles and concrete flooring. An ideal protective floor covering material should allow the floor to breathe whilst protecting it from damage during a building project such as scratches, scuffs and stains. Traditional materials like card boards, used cloths or papers may not serve the purpose for more demanding, long-running projects on the interior of buildings as they cannot protect expensive and fragile floors from light / medium weight wheeled traffic. Material used should also be flame retardant as construction sites and buildings undergoing refurbishment are prone to catch fire due to short circuit, welding work, etc. Some of the traditional protective floor coverings like PoP involve time consuming and difficult application process. Also one may have to spend more time cleaning it up afterwards, or even damage the floor while doing so. Therefore, material chosen should be easy to apply and also to remove after the completion of the project.

DURAfloorprotector manufactured by Supreme Industries is a very useful protective floor covering developed keeping all the factors an ideal floor protector should have in mind, viz., protection, safety, durability and ease of application. Because of these features, DURAfloorprotector is very popular at the construction sites.

Its closed-cell structure ensures that paint, oil, grease and cleaning agents are not absorbed into the floor during construction and repair. Safety of the construction workers is also ensured because of its antislip properties. It is a flexible material and easy to use and remove. Most importantly, DURAfloorprotector can be used for floor protection on any kind of floors like marble, granite, wood or concrete.

Also DURAfloorprotector is not a ‘use and throw’ kind of material and can be reused many times without affecting the utility which makes it cost effective as well.

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