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    ‘Dwarf’ container concept set to propel Railways’ high-end freight business


    The Indian Railways’ is all set to woo high-end, low-density traffic back to its ranks as it prepares to introduce double-decker ‘dwarf’ containers to its fleet. The move – pegged to be a game changer – targets industries that currently prefer road transport as a means to move goods.

    ‘Dwarf’ Containers

    In comparison to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) containers the new dwarf containers will:

    • be lower in height by 662-mm (26 inches) and wider by 162-mm (6.3 inches),
    • have maximised inside space due to the adoption of FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) flooring—only 9-mm thick,
    • be able to carry a weight of 71 tonnes, against the 40 tonnes capacity of by a standard ISO container,
    • be able to double stack – allowing a 67 percent increase in volume and
    • enable almost 30% savings in freight charges.

    The lower height dimensions allow the container to exploit the additional 4-feet height available up to the 25kV OHE catenary wires through stacking.

    The dwarf container concept is the brain child of engineer Naresh Kumar. 82 double-stacked containers is already being used by Reliance Industries to move polypropylene granules from Rajkot in Gujarat to Rewari in Haryana. The enhanced savings, earning and lower economic impact has lead to the manufacturing of 90 such units with a further 180 more being on order.


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