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FOCUS  68  BUILDING MATERIALS        8    Editor's Comment

                      Building Materials Industry to   14   Advertisers Index
                      Grow by 10% in 2019 Backed
                      by Massive Infrastructure     16   Classification Index
                                                    18   News & Events
                      Ashwin Reddy, Managing
                      Director, Aparna Enterprises Ltd.

            32    SUSTAINABLE GREEN                 2 Senior Technical Advisor, Terwilliger   82  ADMIXTURES
                  BUILDINGS                         Center for Innovation in Shelter, Habitat
                                                    for Humanity International        Sustainable concrete is the
                  Sustainable Green Buildings: A                                      question…… Mapei Admixtures
                  Perspective Review Part – I  64   ENVIRONMENTAL                     are the answer
                  Dr. A.N. Sarkar, Ex-Senior Professor                                Manir Goyal, Asst. Vice President, Mapei
                  (International Business) & Dean                                     Construction Products India Pvt. Ltd.
                  (Research), Asia-Pacific Institute of   “ENGINEERING COMFORT” As
                  Management, New Delhi             Mission and The Ultimate     84   CORROSION RESISTANT
            46    GREEN CONCRETE AND                V. Revindran, Director, Sales &   Corrosion Resistant Admixture
                                                    Marketing, Sinicon Controls (P) Limited
                                                                                      for Reinforcement Bars-
                  Why Green RMC & How Is It   68    BUILDING MATERIALS                Technology Developed By
                  Certified?                        Building Materials Industry to    CSIR-CECRI, Karaikudi. A
                  Vijay Kulkarni                    Grow by 10% in 2019 Backed        Premier R & D Institute in The
                                                    by Massive Infrastructure         World-Under The
            54    CONSTRUCTION LABOUR               Developments                      Ministry of Science &
                  SKILLS DEVELOPMENT                Ashwin Reddy, Managing Director,   Technology, Govt. of India
                                                    Aparna Enterprises Ltd.
                  Championing Construction                                       86   CASE STUDY-POST TENSIONING
                  Labour Skills Development    70   PLASTERING SOLUTION
                  Prasanna Sriraman, Specialist, Market                               The Post Tension Scope:
                  Systems and Entrepreneurship,     Plastering Solution for High      Amazon Campus-Hyderabad,
                  Terwilliger Center for Innovation in   Rise Structures              India
                  Shelter, Habitat for Humanity     Sunil Chaurasia, Business Head, Perlcon
                  International                     Premix Pvt. Ltd.             90   BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA

            58    MANUFACTURED SAND            74   FASTENERS                         JCB India Continues to
                                                                                      Integrate Digital Technology in
                  The Case for Manufactured         Fasteners Solution for your       Construction Equipment;
                                                    Complicated Work
                  Sand                                                                Launches its New 'Intelli'gent
                  Shyam Chander K , Deepak Visvanathan 2                              Series of Machines at Bauma
                  1                            78   CASE STUDY
                  Specialist, Market Systems and                                      Conexpo India
                  Entrepreneurship, Terwilliger Center for                            Jasmeet Singh, Head - Corporate
                  Innovation in Shelter, Habitat for   High Performance Leak - Proof   Communications and Corporate
                  Humanity International            Roofing Solution - LYSAGHT ®
                                                                                      Relations, JCB India Limited
                                       68                                86                                90

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