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          Prioritising Green Construction                                      
          - A new year, a new opportunity!                                               Editor
                                                                                         Nigel Narayan
                                                                                         Associate Editors
          Sustainability in construction is a term that is gaining in popularity amid increasing concerns over   M J Krishna, M K Prabhakar, Sonjoy Deb
          climate change and project longevity. The long lasting benefits that range from environmental   Head - Content Development CE,
          impact to economical benefits for a green and sustainable building is steadily encouraging devel-  Infrastructure & Environment
                                                                                         Sadagopan Seshadri
          opers to adopt green practices and methods. Cushman & Wakefield, in a report has suggested that
          on average green buildings offer lower operating costs and 5% to 6% more revenue in rentals, add-  Content Editor
                                                                                         Avishek Ghosh
          ing, environmental-friendly buildings have an enhanced asset value that could range from 8% to
          10 % more than corresponding conventional property. Realising this, developers are increasingly
                                                                                         Bhavani Balakrishna, Priya, Sowmya Raja,
          committing themselves to the sustainability movement - exploring increasingly complex designs   Snehal Joshi, Dhanya R, Priya Pradeep
          for their projects as they attempt to expand their green footprints across their residential, commer-
                                                                                         Vice President Marketing
         cial and industrial projects.                                                   H Usha Devi
         The country, however, faces a huge task ahead. Less than 5 percent of the total built environment in
                                                                                         S Preethi
         India falls under the 'green footprint' category. Building awareness amongst consumers towards
                                                                                         Manager Digital Production
         the benefits of opting for green rated constructions, along with uniform policies from the govern-  K Sravanthi Kiran
         ment will provide the needed impetus to spur this sector towards growth. The consumer is the big-
                                                                                         Manager Digital Media
         gest stakeholder in this set up, and ironically the sector's biggest challenge - notes the GRIHA Coun-  Lakshmi Rahul
         cil, TERI. A swing in consumer patterns will without a doubt drive developers to go green. Unfortu-  Creative Head
         nately though, several developers continue to project and perceive green buildings as expensive,   S Nithiyanandam
         deterring consumer interest and investment. Additionally, most developers in the country are not   Digital Production Assistant
         fully equipped to educate consumers about the concepts of lifecycle costs and paybacks over time.   R Anand, Sudhir Kumar Singh, Tanmoy Dutta
         A lacking uniform policy for the benefit of green building projects is also a deterrent that needs to   Sales Coordinator
                                                                                         Arnab Dey
         be addressed. Currently, developers only in a few cities of India can avail subsidies or benefits for
         constructing  green  rated  buildings.  For  instance,  only  Pune  and  Pimpri-Chinwad  in  all  of   Subscription & Circulation Team
                                                                                         Sateesh Kuniyil,  Vidhya
         Maharashtra provide additional floor area ratio (FAR) for certified green projects. Some states, like
         Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab, have benefits in all cities, but the extent of benefits varies.  Corporate Office
                                                                                         MB Publishers Pvt. Limited
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         Further incentives for the green building industry can come in the form of the establishment of an
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         agency that will certify the materials used in green construction. The ready mix concrete industry in   Ph: 044-28555248
         India has been making steady progress in this regard. A 'Greenpro' certification process has been   Subscription & Circulation
         established to enhance the green performance of the products from the RMC industry. The Indian
         Green Building Council (IGBC) is also addressing this by facilitating a transformation for green
                                                                                         Mob: +919489862782 / +919343833191
         building technologies and materials. IGBC estimates the market potential for green building prod-  Ph:  080 - 25705888
         ucts and technologies to be about USD 300 billion by 2025 and as such is encouraging manufac-  Website
         turers to develop green building materials locally. Further, if the government is able to bring con-
         struction related materials under the 5 per cent GST (Goods and Services Tax) slab, the green revo-  Karnataka
         lution in the country would receive a much needed shot in the arm. Right now, major construction   No. 40, 2nd Floor, 7th "C" Cross, Ashwini Layout,
                                                                                         Koramangala, Bangalore - 560047.
         material, capital goods and input services used for the construction of flats and houses attract 18   Ph: 080 - 25705888, Mob: 09343833191
         per cent GST, while cement attracts 28 per cent tax. Such measures, including the addition of a chap-
         ter in the National Building Codes, will help bring in green regulations as part of the country's build-  No. 6, Lady Veronica Path, Near Bansara Eye
         ing regulatory framework.                                                       Care, Laitumkhrah, Shillong - 793003.
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         As the new year commences, the ideal opportunity presents itself for us to realign our goals   Owned and Published by
                                                                                         Nigel Narayan
         towards sustainability. As stakeholders vested in the development of the country, the responsibil-

                                                                                         No. 102/11, Tripti Apartments, Marshalls Road,
         ity of ensuring the use of environmentally conscious practices falls upon us. In this edition of the   Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.
         Masterbuilder a couple of articles in this regard have been put together. Enjoy reading this edition   P rinted By
         of the magazine, and I look forward to your valuable feedback.                  K Gunashekar
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