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Eco-Friendly, Tailor Made, Qualitative Products from Excel Coatings is at the Vanguard of your Protection Requirements


Established in the year 2001, EXCEL COATINGS is a manufacturing, exporting and service providing company of Nano technology based high performance coating products. Based out of Tamil Nadu, India – we provide tailor made & affordable solutions for industries and homes with innovative Nano technology based products in our field of expertise. We emphasis on high values and our success is not only due to the quality of our products; it’s down to attitude, our approach towards our business and the way we treat our clients.

Our mission is to provide eco-friendly solutions with the use of advanced Nano technology to foresee and fulfil the expectations of future demands. We strive hard with patience and dedication to deliver our mission of providing Advanced Coatings for your ULTIMATE PROTECTION!!

EXCEL CoolCoat® is a High SRI roof coating, when coated on the roofing materials, reflects sunlight to a greater extent and prevents the roofing materials from getting heated up, even in peak summer afternoons.

Since it works on the principle of continuous rejection of UV and IR Rays, the roof itself is not getting heated up. So the air below the roof never gets hot, keeping the rooms cool and comfortable. This prevents the buildings for a longer period, extending the life of the buildings. It is a water-based, high solids, flexible, pure acrylic coating. High reflectivity combined with good weather ability, ultraviolet resistance, adhesion and ease of application makes EXCEL CoolCoat® an effective coating for providing long term reflectivity over a wide range of roofing substrates.




  • Your building remains cool even during peak summer.
  • Reduce air-conditioned and humidification electricity cost drastically upto 40%
  • Reduction of roof heat up to 20° C.
  • Reflects 90% of IR rays and 85% of UV rays.
  • Prevents formation of cracks and ageing of buildings due to heat, thus extends the life of the buildings for a longer period.
  • Applicable on any type of surfaces such as Asbestos, GI roof, aluminium, plastic, polycarbonate, RCC roofs, tiles, etc.
  • Life of the coating is around 5 to 6 years.

EXCEL StayCool is a liquid glass coating that shields against the sun’s harmful rays for living comfort and energy savings. It is a an advanced Nano technology based liquid glass coating which insulates the glass, and it can effectively filter majority of the UV & IR rays emitted by the sun while still allowing most of the visible light to penetrate through the glass. It acts as a thermal barrier all-round the year, thus reducing 25% of air-conditioning and heating cost.

Currently, it has been attracting attention to thermal barrier glass coat as global warming measurement. By applying a thermal barrier glass coating to glass-walled building, we aim to reduce air conditioning costs 20 percent to 30 percent.


  • Blocks 95% UV &90% IR rays while allowing 80% visible light to pass through the glass surface.
  • Acts as an effective climate Barrier glass coat
  • Durability is high as the coating has 3-4H hardness which makes it scratch resistant
  • Energy Savings up to 25%
  • Reduces interior fading
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduces the effect of condensation

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