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Economical and Effective Range of Compactors


For more than a decade, the road-building sector in India has offered major growth opportunities for the cons­truction equipment industry. With more than 60 per cent of the cargo movement being handled by the road network, the focus will naturally be on road infrastructure. A compaction machinery today is a must for building any road. These machines have been helping build India’s rural and urban roads and highways. Therefore the need for a dependable local partner for sales and service is an extremely valuable asset. WIRTGEN GROUP in this regard offers a broad range of services tailored to your individual requirements for all areas of road construction in road compaction machines.


cons­truction equipment industry

Masterbuilder had a one to one conversation with Ramesh Palagiri, Managing Director and CEO, Wirtgen India, wherein he shared insights on the stand out features of company’s compaction technology and an overview of market in general.


Ramesh Palagiri,
Managing Director and CEO,
Wirtgen India

Here are few excerpts of the interview.

What is the range of soil and road compaction products by Wirtgen?

Wirtgen Group Hamm compactors come with more than 125 years of experience in the development and manufacture of roller and compactors for soil and asphalt compaction. HAMM, the German manufacturer leading the field in compaction technology, is a member of the internationally successful WIRTGEN GROUP and a global leader in the market of road rollers.

In India we offer the Hamm 311 soil compactor, HD 99 Asphalt compactor, GRW 15 rubber wheeled roller,3520 pad foot compactor and also the mini tandem roller HD 12VV.

What is the stand out features of Wirtgen compactors?

The Wirtgen Group offers Hamm range of compactors which are Economical and Effective.
The articulated tandem rollers like the compact line HD 12 VV are perfectly adapted to applications on smaller road construction or landscaping sites. They are highly maneuverable for smaller areas and offer economical compaction on small sites. The HD series rollers like the HD 99 tandem roller made in India are perfectly designed for road construction and paving of large asphalt surfaces. Vibration and oscillation make them suitable for a variety of applications. They offer benefit to the operator in terms of comfort and visibility. The 311 soil Compactors and the 3520 Padfoot compactors for earthwork applications are characterized by high degree of comfort, outstanding ergonomic design, excellent field of vision and extremely powerful gradeability. The rubber wheeled rollers GRW 15 are used to compact asphalt pavements.


How much fuel efficient are the Wirtgen compactors?

Hamm Soil & Asphalt compactors are equipped with Highly durable, Fuel efficient Cummins Engine and world class hydraulics from Bosch.

The trouble free performance of the hydraulic system & desirable performance of the engines improves the overall performance of the machine.

What is the current market share of Wirtgen and what is its future target number?

The market for compactors for the past 8-10 years has been around 2500 units per year . However, with the infrastructure development projects planned by the government in the roads and highway sector, this demand has increased considerably.

Hamm Compactors had a 26% market share in 2016 and are market leaders for soil compactors.
This year too has been very good and we look forward to being the market leaders for 2017 in this segment.

What are the safety and comfort features for the operators of Wirtgen compactors?

Hamm compactors are provided with isolated operator platform, there is no feeling of vibration of the machine. This improves the stress-free operation of the machine & improves the operator’s efficiency. Hamm soil compactors are built with patented design of three point pendulum articulated joint. The three point articulation joint connects the front & rear ends of the compactor & enables excellent directional stability and steerability & provides driver safety on difficult terrains and for the driver’s comfort. Operator efficiency is improved by the isolated operator platform, by providing comfortable seat 3 –point articulation will help better stability of the operator.

Operator safety and maintenance related features are in built design in Hamm compactors which include safety indication & alarms for any faulty conditions. In Hamm machine Engine compartment is closed with FRP hood, which will reduce the noise levels by approx. 10 -12 DB , we can also provide the isolation foam as an option to reduce the noise levels further.



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