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    Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg moves closer to completion


    ElbphilharmonieElbphilharmonie concert hall at Hamburg in Germany has moved a step closer to completion after the application of its ‘white skin’ interiors. Designed by Swiss architects ​H​erzog & ​D​e ​M​euron, the venue is set to open on January 11, 2017. Final work is still being carried out on the 6,000 square meter wall and ceiling cladding. This also involves the installation of the organ, which is currently underway. The construction began in 2007. The scheme’s elevated 4,000 square meter plaza will open to the public in November 2016, with the concert hall to open two months later. The elevated plaza is at a height of 30 meters. Herzog & ​D​e ​M​euron developed the specific surface structure of the walls and ceiling through extensive material research and numerous conceptual studies. The much-anticipated project will include a 250-room hotel. 45 waterfront residential units will also be incorporated. Its sculptural glazing protects against strong winds. The highly dense and extremely heavy engineered gypsum fiberboard panels reflect sound, which is then directed and scattered by the countless seashell-shaped milled depressions. In order to achieve the quality of acoustics, the geometry of the room, the materials used and the surface structure is taken care. The architecture of the grand hall creates a spatial proximity between the audience and the artists, with a maximum distance of just 30 meters. The completion of the white skin once again confirms the uniqueness of the grand hall, which is the centerpiece of the elbphilharmonie. Its organic shape makes it an ideal place for great artistic performances.


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