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    Electrification of all railway lines cleared

    railway minister

    Talking to reporters, railway minister Piyush Goyal said the Indian Railways will be the first big railway network to be 100% electrified.

    “While we will be saving around Rs 13,000-14,000 a year on energy bill now, the savings will even go up in the future. The move will save India’s foreign exchange reserves and the environment as well,” he added. The railways consumes 2.83 billion litres of diesel per annum at present. After taking over as the minister last year, Goyal had issued notices to increase the rate of electrification and had envisaged 100% electrification. He added that the government will fully electrify those sections first which carry heavy passenger and freight traffic. Many major routes such as that connecting the metro cities utilise more than 100% of their line capacity.

    The railways has engineered a way to convert diesel locomotives into electric ones. As and when the existing engines are coming up for overhauling, at the cost that the railways would have spent to overhaul the old diesel engine, for the same amount or less, the carrier is able to convert it into an electric locomotive.

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