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Elemente: A Trendsetter in LGSF Solutions


Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) construction is a concept that is finding a number of takers in India, thanks to the pioneering work done by organizations like Elemente Homes. The LGSF system promoted by Elemente in India is similar to the technology that currently being used for the construction of Modular Buildings in developed countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc. The highlights of this system are: Speed of construction, Confirmation with building Norms and Aesthetic finish to both the interior and exterior portions of the building.

Elemente Homes, a trendsetter in LGSF buildings offers a wide range of service that includes Design, Detailing, Project Design & Development, Project Management and Interior Solutions.

Experienced Team

A team of highly experienced professionals led by Rishi Jaiswal, Group Chairman, has helped the organization to successfully complete several landmark projects using materials that comply with TSE, DIN, ISO, ASTM and AISI norms for domestic clients that include NHPC, State Governments, PWDs, NTPC, IIT and NITs. The buildings constructed are also line with Earthquake and Heating codes. What’s more, the buildings are adaptable to different soil and climatic conditions and can maintain their reliability throughout its life span.

At a time when aspects such as Energy efficiency, Recyclability, Durability, Safety and Costs are driving the market share for modular buildings, Elemente Homes has introduced a revolutionary off-site solution that delivers a building that match all the parameters set for a green building in much less time when compared to traditional site based construction.

Advantages of LGSFs Buildings

The amount of time saved in construction using LGSF is a major factor. Elemente is an acknowledged leader and has been setting newer benchmarks in this regard. The construction process is quick with Steel, as it is independent from weather conditions and concrete is needed except only for foundation and sub-basement which allows for reduction in construction cost. The speed that can be achieved is truly remarkable. For example, 2 houses of 2000m each can be completed in an amazing 7 days with steel construction.

Contrary to popular perception steel buildings need not be dull and drab affairs. Steel in fact gives engineers and architects the freedom to be creative because of its inherent flexibility. Adaptation to changing lifestyles is something that is easily and economically achieved with steel buildings. A good example is available in the form of partition walls. They can be removed or their places changed to meet changing needs, even years after the construction. This is something that is unimaginable with traditional construction.

Steel is also a highly durable material. It is highly corrosion resistant and does not rust. Adding to this advantage is the fact that steel also protects against lighting strikes, since the protection installation creates a path going towards the land and diminishes the risk of explosions and therefore, offer a much safer option.



Modern Manufacturing Facility

Elemente’s strict adherence to quality has been raising the benchmark higher in the marketplace. The company has its modern manufacturing facility located in Uttarakhand that produces several section profiles of varying dimensions for modular construction of buildings. The zero tolerance manufacturing process ensures superior quality building systems with less wastage, and a clean, environment friendly construction process.

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