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Embarkment of an in-House Finance Service


Customer services are an eloquent part of any business perspective, especially in the modern era where the competition is stiff and the need of the customers is sky-high. In an exclusive chat with The Masterbuilder, Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India gave detailed insights into the company’s service propaganda implementation, digital adaptation and the impact of the GST.

Here are few excerpts of the conversation.

‘Pricing is the most important factor for any buyer/user’, it is a cliché but is the truth. In this regard, what kind financial conveniences can your buyer or borrower expect from you that is disparate from other market players

Certainly price is a very crucial factor for any buyer; however, the customer needs to decide whether he wants a quality renowned product at an acceptable price point or simply because of a lower price he/she shall consider cheaper less reliable makes. After all, we cannot assign the monetary value when it comes to safety while working at heights. Any wrong choice of an unreliable product just on basis of cheaper price can result in unwanted danger and fatality.

When we speak of the financial convenience, it is important for any customer to allocate resources either vide CAPEX from in-house sources, bank loans etc. for procuring a machine. To aid this process, we at Haulotte have globally embarked in providing an in-house finance option under the banner of Haulotte Financial Services at very attractive terms. This has been widely welcomed by our customers especially in the Rental sector and we envisage this to be a service that would certainly set us apart from our competitors.

To give real service you must add special something that is integral. Pertaining to this what kind of unprecedented service plans do you aim to provide to your service providers?

We at Haulotte always, vouch in giving a ‘Global Solution Provider’ to our customers. Whenever our customers have a requirement of our products we do an application study so as to suggest the best variant of our product that would meet their needs. We also provide detailed training on the operation and maintenance of our machines at the time of delivery so as to maximise the utilisation of the machine as per our customer’s requirement. Our team is available on 24×7 to provide service support to our customers.

Thanks to GST, multiple indirect tax legislations have led to significant compliance in the manufacturing sector. How do you view GST impacting your present business scenario and how it could impact your future plans? Kindly, share your views.
The passing of the GST bill by the parliament is a very welcome sign and going forward once the same is rolled out, it shall over time remove all the hindrances faced in terms of multiple levels of taxation and difficulties in interstate business. Despite the initial issues that may arise at rollout going forward, it shall be beneficial to all businesses and even the end customer. We at Haulotte certainly have bigger plans in India and we shall be watching the situation very closely.

In this age of digitization, online services have become quite pivotal. Can you analyse about your unambiguous e-services on this subject?

Online services today are extremely vital for the success of any business. We have in the recent past revamped our global website, including that our Haulotte India wherein all platforms of e-services like that for Technical support, Training, Spare parts, Manuals & documentations can be directly accessed from our website. This certainly helps any Haulotte user to directly get the necessary details and services online and for further more assistance out Technical Hotline service is available on the 24×7 basis.

Out of your product availabilities such as, ‘Push Around’, ‘Vertical Masts’, ‘Scissors Lift’, ‘Articulating/Telescopic Booms’, and ‘Telescopic Handlers’, which one has the capability of tapping the Indian market the most in the near future? How and why?

Haulotte is one of the very few Full Range Manufacturer of Aerial Work Platforms. We have 7 Product Ranges of the People Lifting Equipment (6m to 43m) and 1 Telehandler Product Range (3T to 7T). In all, there are over 70 different models. Each variant of a product be it Push Around, Vertical Mast, Scissor Lift, Articulating/ Telescopic Booms, and Telescopic Handlers have different applications based on the need of the customer across sectors and industries which require working safely and productively at heights. Be in the present or the future, as per our global experience, we have seen the maximum requirements are for Electric/Diesel Scissor lifts followed closely by Articulating and Telescopic Booms. India still is a nascent market the requirement of every different variety is there and we are well capable of meeting the needs of our customers.


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