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Ensuring Stability with Shrinkage Reducing Agents


Evonik recognizes that sustainability is of utmost importance for all our futures. As a result, their product development focuses on high performance products that are friendly to our environment.

Clean air is essential for a healthy living environment, therefore emissions from construction and insulation materials should be minimal.


With this in mind, Evonik has developed a new generation of SITREN® shrinkage reducing agents. Thanks to their extremely low VOC content, SITREN® shrinkage reducing agents are able to meet the most stringent eco label requirements such as EMICODE EC1PLUS – and without any dosage restrictions.

This is becoming increasingly important, specifically for indoor applications. Using a combination of innovation and modern molecular design, they have been able to significantly improve the efficacy compared to more traditional systems, while simultaneously eliminating the high VOC content, which is the main disadvantage of well-known systems.


Shrinkage Reducing Agents

Minimize shrinkage – Increase durability

Today’s architecture places the highest demands on the aesthetics of construction products. Requirements such as smooth surfaces with high resistance to abrasion are frequently specified for indoor surfaces. The control of shrinkage reduction is essential to meet these criteria.

The composition of cementitious materials and mortars have a considerable influence on their final properties. There are various ways to avoid cracking and to minimize shrinkage, however, technical and economic restrictions oft en don’t allow for these practices to be implemented.

The company’s new generation of shrinkage reducing agents frequently out-perform other commercially available products. They can reduce drying shrinkage as well as plastic shrinkage, and enhance the workability of the cementitious system whilst having no effect on the setting process.

The SITREN® shrinkage reducing agents, developed in close cooperation with the dry mortar industry, stand out ecologically as well as technically. The reduction in the capillary pressure and the stress in the pore structure, results in markedly reduced shrinkage and thus, in the prevention of crack formation.


SITREN® Shrinkage reducing agents

Shrinkage refers to the volume reduction of cement-based materials and mortars over time. The water balance in these systems plays a central role, since the shrinkage processes or the subsequent drying of these materials are promoted by the chemical reaction of the binders with water.

There are basically three types of shrinkage:

  • Chemical or autogenous shrinkage – through water removal in the chemical reaction between water and cement.
  • Plastic shrinkage – resulting from the evaporation of the excess water as long as the cement-based building material can still be processed.
  • Long-term shrinkage or drying shrinkage – as a result of the drying out of cement based building material over time.

The company’s novel SITREN® shrinkage reducing agents are based on the latest raw material technologies and are a key factor in the process of plastic and drying shrinkage. SITREN® SRA P 260 is a powder based shrinkage reducing agent based on modified polyethers to prevent cracking of cement based materials.


Low VOC with Sitren SRA P 260

With SITREN® SRA P 260, dry mortars can be formulated to meet the highest requirements for emission levels of building materials which significantly contribute to room air quality. Due to the increasing number of hours we spend at home, the indoor air quality is of the utmost importance. Therefore emissions from building material such as those used in walls and flooring should be minimal. The data (cf. values in tables) show the positive performance of SITREN® SRA P 260.

Additional shrinkage reducing agents and further information are available in our product overview or on request.


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