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Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring in Mall- A First in India

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Following are the broad steps that needs to be followed to obtain a good quality terrazzo floor:

Surface Preparation

This step is common for installing any epoxy floors, which consists of filling of cracks and joints, grinding to get mechanical key and ensuring that the moisture content is below 4%.

If cracks are present, it may be necessary to use a flexible membrane to cover up any cracks to make sure no issues arise during and after the finished terrazzo installation.

In case moisture levels are high, it will be essential to use a moisture mitigation system, which applies a thin layer on top of the substrate floor that prevents moisture from diffusing through the terrazzo floor once installed.

If floors are uneven, a levelling course may be needed to obtain a nice smooth terrazzo finish.



Design Layout

The next step is to transfer the design on the prepared floor using templates or any other method and then to install the divider strip as per design.

Neoflor Ultra Terrazzo

Neoflor Ultra terrazzo consists of epoxy resin, hardener and filler consisting of various grades of marble chips and glass chips. All are supplied in pre-measured containers for easy mixing at site.

Pouring Ultra Terrazzo

Ultra terrazzo is mixed in a paddle mixer and poured onto the surface, and troweled to spread the mixture evenly. If areas call for multiple colors, new batches are made according to the design layout specified. The terrazzo is allowed to cure before proceeding to the next step.

Grinding Terrazzo

Once the terrazzo is cured, the grinding team now grind the terrazzo using a floor grinding utilizing diamond-plated grinding pads rotating at fast speeds. Grinding the terrazzo will transform the floor from a rough to smooth texture. Once completed, the entire floor should look even, smooth, and radiant than before.

Grouting Terrazzo

After the grinding process, blow-holes would appear in the surface, which needs to be grouted with Ultra grout to cover any pinholes present in the surface.

Polish and Sealing Terrazzo

Subsequently, polishing the terrazzo giving the surface a nice shine. Finally,  Neoflor Ultra sealer is applied  to seal the terrazzo floor, which gives the floor more radiance and extra protection.

B M Nagarajan,
Neocrete Technologies Pvt Ltd

The author is B M Nagarajan, Director of Neocrete Technologies Pvt Ltd, which provides innovative solutions to most of flooring related problems. He is well-known in the industry, having served over 23  years in the field of construction chemicals.


  1. Hi,

    I wanted to get epoxy terrazzo flooring done in my flat. It is about 1300 sq. ft. It currently has a marble flooring.

    I wanted to understand the process, time and cost for the same.



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