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Evercrete Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS): Permanent Penetrating Type Anti-Carbonation Treatment


Currently most of the concrete structures are untreated, with no concrete protection treatment. Concrete structures are always at a risk of attack by carbon di-oxide (CO2) and other elements in the air. There are two sets of elements in the atmosphere, Group ‘A’ elements and Group ‘B’ elements. Group ‘A’ includes elements such as Carbon Di-Oxide (CO2), Carbon Mono-Oxide (CO), water, salts, etc. Group ‘B’ includes elements such as UV rays, fungus, algae, abrasions, etc. The elements in Group ‘A’ react with the concrete on a daily basis and erode the concrete to reach up to the steel enforcement bars. This may be referred to as the carbonation process.

Elements of the Group ‘B’ help to accelerate the carbonation process as they directly attack the concrete and directly expose the steel enforcement bars. The carbonation process weakens the structures and reduces the life of concrete structures.

The pollution in our country is in-creasing day by day. With the rise in pollution, the amount of carbon di-oxide and other elements also increase. With the increase in amount of such elements, the carbonation process is accelerated. This causes the concrete to deteriorate faster.



Evercrete DPS: Permanent Penetrating Type Anti-Carbonation Treatment

–    Evercrete DPS is water based and ready to use.
–    Penetrates the concrete up to a depth of 20-30mm, by reacting with free lime in concrete.
–    Forms a layer inside the concrete, which prevents CO2 and other elements to enter concrete. Hence prevents the carbonation process.
–    One time permanent treatment. No future recoating required. Reduces maintenance costs.

Conventionally we are accustomed to use anti-carbonation paints for protecting important structures such as roads, bridges, etc from the carbonation process. These paints are surface coatings and hence have a limited life. Such treatments may require periodic re-coating which increases the maintenance cost, at the cost of damage to the vital concrete structures.

Evercrete DPS on the other hand is a one-time permanent anti-carbonation treatment, and does not require recoating. This helps to reduce the future maintenance cost. The concrete structures treated with Evercrete DPS can be painted with an acrylic paint (if required) for aesthetic value. Evercrete DPS has many other advantages be-sides anti-carbonation, which will help to preserve and enhance the life of the concrete structures.

Some of the other advantages of Evercrete DPS are as follows:

–    Increase in compressive strength (up to 30%)
–    Ability to seal hairline cracks formed
–    Protects concrete from corrosion due to Chloride Ion Ingress and sea water/sea weather
–    Waterproofing of concrete/bridge decks
–    Increase in surface hardness
–    No de-bonding issue (So if surface needs to be painted, then paint can be applied with use of primer)

Evercrete Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS) has been accredited by the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) for use on concrete roads and bridges for anti-carbonation, waterproofing and concrete preservation. Evercrete DPS has also been approved by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

The multiple advantages of Evercrete DPS not only help to protect the concrete surfaces against the process of carbonation, but also preserve and enhance the life of concrete structures.

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