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EXCON 2017: BKT Takes The Field


Home advantage for BKT at the largest event for the South Asian market – special construction machinery tires on display.

BKT, the multinational Off-Highway tire manufacturer headquartered in India, will certainly not miss the upcoming 9th edition of Excon, the International Construction Equipment and Technology Trade Fair taking place from December 12 to 16, 2017 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in India.

To benefit from its home advantage, BKT is going to field some of its finest masterpieces: cutting-edge tires for construction and earthmoving equipment.

Excon is a major occasion for experts and operators on the Asian construction market to gather together. About 1.000 exhibitors are displaying their products on an area of 250.000 sqm. A long-awaited event for the Indian market that BKT definitely could not have missed.

Predominantly on display at the BKT booth (Hall no.1LL , Stall no. A-1 ) are the patterns belonging to the large Earthmax family. A tire line, which has been specifically developed to favor the best weight distribution on the ground for dumpers, loaders, dozers, graders and some multi-purpose vehicles.

Right at the forefront, there is Earthmax SR 45 in size 18.00 R 33, an ideal tire for rigid dumpers operating even on the harshest grounds. An essential feature is the extraordinary tread depth increasing tire durability and ensuring productive efficiency on the long run.

The next exhibit in size 24.00 R 35 is Earthmax SR 47, specifically designed for rigid dumpers as well. This tire stands out for an extra-long product life-cycle thanks to its E4-class tread that reduces wear and provides extreme resistance against cuts and abrasion.

Earthmax SR 46 is BKT’s response to adverse and rocky environments. Displayed at Excon in size 27.00 R 35, this tire features an All Steel casing reinforced with steel-belts to provide excellent protection against impacts, mechanical stress, and punctures.

Strength and resistance are the characteristic traits of Earthmax SR 55, an extraordinary ally whenever you need to face high production peaks with very little standstill times  thanks to the extra-deep L-5-class-marked and smooth-surfaced tread. The tire is showcased at the trade fair in size 18.00 R 25.

Specifically developed for rigid dumpers and loaders is Earthmax SR 31  on display at Excon in size 23.5 R 25. This tire provides best traction and pleasing riding comfort. Made of a special compound, not only is it extremely resistant against cuts and abrasion, it also dissipates the heat developed during equipment operation.

In addition to the Earthmax products, also XL Grip (L3) can be viewed at the trade show in size 17.5-25. It is a cross-ply tire that provides best stability and durability. It has been particularly engineered for loaders for the purpose of reducing the risk of perforation during heavy-load operations to a minimum level.

A non-directional tread design, traction, and stability, instead, are the distinguishing marks of XL Grip (BHL), designed for backhoe loaders employed in excavation, leveling and loading operations. It can be viewed at the stand in size 12.00  24.

Another pattern for tough service is SUPER GRADER, a bias tire for graders excelling in traction and self-cleaning properties. On display at the event in size 14.00-24.

Last but not least, EM 936 offers riding comfort as a plus. This tire has been specifically developed for excavators and telehandlers employed in industrial applications. Its particular features are easy handling, improved self-cleaning properties, and excellent traction. It is showcased in size 16.0/70-20.

This year in its 9th edition, Excon is a major event in the field of construction and the most momentous one for the South Asian market. It is a unique occurrence that BKT could not have missed  an extraordinary opportunity to exchange ideas with branch professionals, operators, and experts, and to demonstrate them innovative products tailored to their individual needs.


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