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‘Expect Tower Crane Requirement to Increase by 30-40% in Two Years’ – P. V. Ramdev, MD, Everest Engineering Equipment


Everest Engineering Equipment is considered one of the leading names in the country offering a range of project solutions related to tower cranes and passenger hoists for applications such as construction of power plants, cement plants, steel plants, dams, high rise buildings, etc. The company’s strong customer-focus and stringent commitment to quality and superior services has made it a preferred choice in the Indian market. In an exclusive interview with The Masterbuilder, the company’s Managing Director, P. V. Ramdev, gave detailed insights into the company’s growth story, the industry scenario in general and its future plans. Here are excerpts from the interview.

The Indian construction equipment market is expected to grow at 12% CAGR to $ 4 billion by 2017. How do you see the opportunities for tower cranes?

The tower crane segment has even higher growth opportunity in 2015 – 2017 than the projected 12%. The real estate sector and the power sector will show a tremendous growth in these 2-3 years. So the tower crane requirement will increase to 30-40% in these 2 years.

What are your strategies in getting maximum mileage out of the huge potential?

We have a steady policy to improve customer support day by day. Also we have to inculcate the latest technology and its advantages according to Indian conditions.

 What are the challenges that need to be addressed to achieve its expected long-term potential?

The current potential and manufacturing facilities in India will not be sufficient to meet the Indian pace of growth. The availability of exact raw materials and proper mechanisms are still not available in India. It is the fact, that we are all depends on foreign players. Since the majority of raw materials and mechanisms are imported by Indian manufacturers, why can’t the corporate companies think for a direct import of tower cranes, which is proven several decades in the market.



How is the current demand-supply scenario as far as tower cranes are concerned?

Some of the demands are met with the Indian manufacturers, but the critical, high capacity and luffing cranes are still being addressed with the help of foreign suppliers.

How do you look at the current trends in procurement in this business vertical?

The procurement trend is still price based. The contractors do not have the proper experts for proper validation of tower cranes with respect to the quality and life of structural, mechanisms, electrical controls and VFD controls (which will in turn saves about 40% of the power consumption).

How challenging is the procurement-related activities in tower cranes business?

The procurement of a tower crane has become challenging because of the confusions created by various manufactures and dealers. The exact validations according to the site requirement will get diverted through different methodology, and the bitter result will come to light after an year of operation, by which time the warranty of the tower crane will be over. To avoid such situations, we recommend forming a technical team (internal or external) who will recommend 3-4 exact tower crane brands suitable for their requirement.

How effective is your supply chain?

We are trying to associate with the customers as a part of their team from the beginning to the end of project. Hence the entire responsibility got shared and the supply chain concept becomes an external body.

What sort of procurement technology you use? And how do you evaluate its performance?

We are concentrating on the best quality, best performance with in affordable price range . The most important is the quality of the personnel in helping the after sales services at any point of time, as the concrete cannot be diverted because of tower crane.

Finally, according to you, what are the major points a customer must consider while procuring any tower crane?

This is a very wide subject to be addressed in short according to site. 1.Type of tower crane (inner climbing  or external). 2, the max.load to be  lifted at what radius. 3. what are the space restrictions. 4. what is the life span of these tower cranes  with out major break down (5yrs /10yrs/15yrs or 20yrs). 5. whether the hoisting mechanism / Luffing mechanism is VFD controlled to save 40% power consumption. 6. whether the slewing control is RCV based to take care of heavy wind loads. 7. the hoisting rope is non-twisting type, 8. All the safety features like hoist, trolley, slew, over load, over moment limit switches as well as the load radius display systems are installed………etc.

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