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Exploring the New Areas of Post Tensioning

commercial office spaces
Sr. Vice President and Management Executive
Utracon Structural Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Urban: Multi utility buildings, Transfer level slabs

As it needs different dimensions in different levels, possible only with PT.

Ex: basement and podiums are in PT and Transfer level in PT and  above that residential floors.

Multi Utility buildings, covers, Convention centers, malls, commercial office spaces with Residential structures: Eg. DAICEC. (Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention & Exhibition Centre)

These 2 areas are Need of the hour for a city, to reduce traffic and pollution and to save time.

Rural: Educational institution buildings and Hospital buildings  Ex. AIIMS.

PT helps to construct fast and economical, so that the end user gets value for their money on their construction

Challenging Job:

DAICEC: (Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention & Exhibition Centre)

Principal structural consultant & Architects are from Abroad and converting his ideas and govern the Architectural requirements with the support of local consultants and Architects and deliver PT design and drawings and support the site on timely delivery was a tough challenge.

Operation fronts Different cycle time, Different Types of Beams & slabs, with huge area with stringent specifications, of 95 Lakhs SFT, Overall. Handling materials and man power was bit tough. Utracon successfully completed recently.


Transfer slab at 52nd Floor Level. 2.7 m THICK Post Tensioned Transfer Girders was challenge on operations. Once again to handle materials app 100 MT of PT Strands, man power and Equipments were tough and challenging. Minute planning required on the sequence of works.

Material Types:

PT is a special material intensive Technology. Particularly steel, Mostly in PT systems, HT Strand is the heart of this technology and other materials are G.I Ducts / Sheathings, Anchorages with wedges are the major materials. Need connectors, grout vents made out of PVC.

In building PT 80% of the cost goes for materials, which are all patented materials not readily available in the market (Systems owned by P.T company).



Installation Process:

  • Get the approved drawing
  • Cut the HT strands as per the required length, make sure having enough stressing length and make dead end anchorages, as per the requirement
  • Fix the End Anchorages
  • Lay the ducts / sheathing.
  • Connect with the couplers and taping to have water proof joints
  • Push the strands thro the ducts installation of strands
  • Fix the dead end anchorages as per the requirement
  • Fix the chairs as per the profile drawing
  • Provide Grout vents and hoses
  • Make sure of bursting links placements
  • Ready for concreting

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