Facility expansion by Tata Power Solar in Bengaluru

Facility expansion by Tata Power Solar in Bengaluru

Tata Power Solar

New Delhi: Today, Tata Power Solar said the capacity of its cell and module manufacturing facility in Bengaluru has been expanded.

In a statement, the company has said that the two-stage expansion has doubled the company’s module capacity to 400 MW from 200 MW, and has also increased its cell manufacturing capacity by 65 per cent from 180 MW to 300 MW.

It said, as part of this process, Tata Power Solar, modernised and fully automated the entire manufacturing facility.

Anil Sardana, Tata Power Solar Chairman said, “We are happy to see our team responding to Government of Indias call of Make in India… The gradual turnaround of the company and its expansion in capacity has been a hallmark achievement of Team Tata Power, when other sector players are still facing challenges of sustained economics.”

The statement said, 1 GW modules has been shipped to over 30 countries by Tata Power Solar, of which in the last five years more than 60 per cent was shipped.

News Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

Picture Source: google.co.in