Fact Finding Team (FTT)reviews power generation in Meghalaya There is a...

Fact Finding Team (FTT)reviews power generation in Meghalaya

There is a load growth of 20 percent yearly which means the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) should have installed capacity of 1050 MW for uninterruptible power supply.
Fact Finding Team

The Fact Finding Team (FTT) of the Opposition parties submitted a 12-page report to CM Dr Mukul Sangma with an in-depth study on the power generation in Meghalaya.

Revealing that the State is expected to face a massive shortfall in power generation; the study showed that the demand for power in the State will increase to 1050 MW in 2020- by more than 100 percent in the next five years.

Jemino Mawthoh, FTT Chairman addressed that there is a load growth of 20 percent yearly. As a result, the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) should have installed capacity of 1050 MW for uninterruptible power supply.

This will save the State from purchasing power from outside the State while adding that the current generation capacity of the MeECL is 314 MW with augmentation and capacity addition from projects under implementation.

While explaining the persistent power shortage problem in the State, Mawthoh said that the installed capacity is only 10 percent of the total potential in the State.

The overall capacity of MeECL will increase to 382 MW, therefore, the present shortfall is 183 MW.

Mawthoh also added that the capacity addition in the next two to three years from the ongoing 40 MW Umtru Hydro electricity project and 25 MW Ganol hydro projects in Garo Hills will be 65 MW.

Recalling power projects that are yet to take a start-off, Mawthoh said that projects initiated in 2008 have not even started.

Citing an example, he said that the Government is contemplating to allot the 250 MW Umngot power projects to Jaypee Group who is struggling over fulfilling its debt service obligation worth USD 200 million dues as on February 15 2015.

Jaypee Group had sold off two of its power project to JSW at Rs 9700 crores, Mawthoh said.

Mawthoh also said that the MeECL has failed to collect revenue of Rs 667.39 crores from the consumers awarded by the Meghalaya State Electricity Regulatory Commission (MSERC) to meet the Annual Revenue Requirement (AAR) of Rs 661.41crores.

He informed that the commission had allowed sales of electricity at 1560.87 million units and corresponding revenue of Rs 667.39 crores while adding that the MeECL could handle only 1274 MW of energy against 1560.87 million units allowed by the commission.

He also informed that it collected revenue of Rs 501 crore against Rs 667.39 crore allowed by the commission.

However, the actual revenue should have been Rs 5.19 per unit against an AAR fixed by the commission. The gap is Rs 1.26 per unit. Therefore, the shortfall in the revenue collection is Rs 160 crore, Mawthoh argued.

Asking how the MeECL would address this huge shortfall in the revenue collection, Mawthoh added that the Government is in a huge debt with MeECL having pending dues for the power purchased at Rs 500 crores.

While concluding that the MeECL had resorted to power cuts as the central generating stations had regulated the power supply to the State for want of payment, Mawthoh added that the FTT will continue to follow on the various developments in the power sector in the State.

With inputs from: TNT The Northeast Today
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