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Fire Rated Shutters: The Unsung Heroes of Fire Safety


The unpredictability of fire accidents is what makes them such a dangerous proposition. Fortunately fire shutters are available these days, which help in protecting precious human lives and property during fire emergencies. Fire shutters play a vital role in fire safety of buildings and industrial premises. Their correct specifications, installation and use is paramount to the safety of all those who use the facility.

Fire shutters are the unsung heroes of the fire safety because for most of their working lives they just work like any other doors. However, if fire breaks out, a fire shutter must fulfill its role as an engineered safety device, in order to hold back the spread of fire and smoke and to save lives and property.

Fire rated doors / shutters find application in various places such as industrial, commercial, institutional, and retail projects where fire protection is required. We take fire shutters for granted. It is important that we regularly check that all parts continue to function correctly without any compromise.

We expect a builder or small contractor to be able to install a complex engineered fire safety device. What they don’t realize is that all the components need to be able to work together in order to ensure that the shutter assembly will work effectively in the event of a fire. Certified fire shutters with proper fitting is necessary to avoid any damage to property and lives.

Gandhi Automations has wide ranging expertise in this highly specialized area. Fire shutters / doors by Gandhi Automations are engineered carefully with the features mentioned below:-

Auto – Closing Mechanism

Fire doors / shutters designed by Gandhi Automations are equipped with fusible link mechanism. Upon sensing a temperature of 74°C, the fusible link mechanism releases the brake of the motor and allows it to descend by gravity.

The operating system can be directly wired for activation by fire alarm system or smoke detectors.

Sturdy Construction

Fire doors / shutters are constructed from cold rolled Galvalume / Galvanised Steel / Stainless Steel laths with a minimum thickness of 0.9 mm. The interlocked profiles are securely held using specially designed profile ends which act as a curtain alignment system thus eliminating lateral movement of the profiles.

Fire shutters / doors designed by Gandhi Automations can resist fire up-to 4 hours. Motorized fire rated rolling shutter is tested and approved by Sirim Qas International, Malaysia and Warrington fire (Australia) Pty Ltd which comply with BS 476: Part 22: 1987 standards for stability and integrity for up to 4 hours.


Frequent inspection / maintenance of the components are of utmost importance. At Gandhi Automations our maintenance team checks that all parts continue to function correctly without compromise.


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