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“We foresee a substantial demand for access equipment in India”- Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India


One company that is making a distinct name for itself in the manufacture of People & Material handling equipments is Haulotte India. Backed by a strong R&D focus the company’s range of products have been setting new bench-marks in the highly competitive Indian market. In an exclusive chat with The Masterbuilder, Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India gave detailed insights into the company’s range of products.


What is the market potential for Aerial work platforms in the expansion of Airports in india?

Any Airport expansion project requires huge numbers of AWP’s during the time of construction, PEB Work, Electrical fitments, Air Conditioning Work and thereafter once the new Terminal is commissioned then for regular Upkeep and Maintenance AWP’s are definitely required.

For example during the construction phase of Terminal 2 at Mumbai International Airport hundreds of machines were hired and put to use. Thereafter once the terminal was about to be commissioned GVK_MIAL called for tender for procurement of different variants of AWP’s from reputed manufacturers for maintenance, upkeep and facility management of Terminal 2. Our distributor GEMINI POWER HYDRAULICS PVT. LTD. Who had bidded for this tender were successful in getting the prestigious contract for supply of 21 Nos. Haulotte AWP’s which are today used at Terminal 2. Any visitor passing through T2 at Mumbai international Airport shall see Haulotte machines in action.

What are the Special features of Haulotte to use the product?

The following are the set of standard safety features that you would find on Haulotte Products which confirm to the CE EN280 standards for safety requirements for AWP’s.

Overload System (Cuts off function from the platform when the machine platform is overloaded.

Tilt Cut-off System (it cuts specific functions of the machine which assist in increasing horizontal reach of the machine when the entire machine slope has exceeded the permissible limit.

Radius Limitation (Cuts off movement for the machine if it exceeds it’s designed reach radius).

Back up emergency system (Present on the lower control box can be activated in a scenario where the operator on the upper control box in incapacitated to bring the operator down safely.)

Once the operator brings the machine to the normal operating environment all these features reset themselves as per design.

The additional safety feature that we at Haulotte provide for our AWP’s is as follows, Anti Entrapment System from operators on Platform know as Active Shield Bar (ASB), patented by us. This is a secondary guarding system for the machines which activates when the operator is trapped in a crushing situation. Once activated the machine will stop upward and forward movement, thus allowing the operator to retrieve himself from the entrapped situation by lowering and reversing the machine. Once the situation has been averted the system can easily be reset from the platform itself by pressing a button and its ready for use again.

Apart from Infrastructure projects other industry like facade cleaning, Peb industry, What is the market potential in selling Aerial Access Platform ?

Access equipment are broadly classified into “People Lifting Equipment”- Push Around, Scisssor lifts, Vertical Mast and Boom Lifts (Articulated & Telescopic) and “Material Lifting Equipment”- Telehandlers. The usage of access equipment is universal and not specific to any particular sector. Wherever there is need to work safely at heights, access equipments is required. Be it Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Warehouses, Manufacturing Industry, Facility Management, Construction, Mining, all across access equipment are required.

With the focus today being on the Infrastructure sector we foresee a substantial demand of such equipment in this sector and with the Indian Economy getting stronger day by day we forsee similar rise in demand of AWP’s in other sectors too.
And last but not the least we expect that the Government would also formulate legislation related to safety for working at heights and this will be one of the most important factors which will spurt the growth of the AWP Industry in India.

India has also started moving on in adapting new advanced construction practices like Pre-engineered steel building systems (PEB), use of Prefab which allows the construction work to be carried on in a rapid pace. In order to match this requirement of increased productivity, it is imperative that modern equipment that aid in working at heights safely and productively. They are different variants of Aerial Work Platforms (Push Arounds, Scissor Lifts, Articulated & Telescopic Boom Lifts) that can be used both indoors & outdoors based on the application. The AWP’s are used for People lifting to work at Heights.



What are the new products launch of Bauma Munich?

BAUMA is the largest trade fair in the world. It features all sectors, all market leaders and plenty of innovations.
HAULOTTE GROUP has once again showcased its know-how, giving its customers and partners a warm welcome on its stand to exchange views, demonstrate its expertise by exhibiting a wide range of products, with its continuous goal of addressing the needs of customers and prospects.

Haulotte Group is more than simply a supplier. It is a provider of global solutions whose primary focus is effectively meeting the day-to-day needs and specific operating requirements of its customers and users.

For 2016, Haulotte exhibited a range of products which perfectly meet our customer requirements

The New Products that were launched are our STAR 6 Vertical Mast and the new Telehandelers HTL 5210 and 7010 (5.2 & 7 Tons capacity). Besides these we also showcased our new generation of AWP’s like HT23RTJ 23m Telescopic Boom, HA20RTJ 20m Articulated Boom, the STAR 8 & STAR 10 Vertical masts, OPTIMUM 8AC 8m Electric Scissor. Specific emphasis was also given on HAULOTTE FINANCIAL SERVICES that provide Tailor made Financing Solutions to our customers worldwide.


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