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Formliners for Architectural Concrete


For all the precast or cast in-situ concrete

– Columns
– Shear walls
– Lift core walls
– Stair case walls
– Elevation concrete walls
– Concrete parapet
– compound walls

One can achieve Architectural Concrete finishes by creating designs during casting itself.


Architectural Concrete


DESIGN on Concrete by Formliners

Almost every Architect wants their buildings to be somewhat unique and unmistakable… and nowadays Green!

In today’s modern world concrete structures are designed to blend in with their surroundings and take on pleasing aesthetic qualities. Architectural Concrete Decorative & Aesthetical i.e. where concrete is not just structural & functional, but also has a decorative function. Giving concrete a look of “natural stone” or “natural veneer” is today of special importance.



Usages of Formliners:

Formliners are basically used for casting patterned-designed concrete. NOEplast PU formliner is the best way to design aesthetically soothing concrete surfaces. The visual effect of the concrete surface varies with the changing day light due to the direct light – shadow – indirect light effects!

Moreover for a concrete with the required structural strength, the formliner (depending upon the design selected), also serves the purpose of camouflaging / merging / not highlighting / hiding minor “concrete surface imperfections” of blow holes, colour variations, minor honey-combing, surface cracks, etc.

Although design-patterned concrete by NOEplast PU formliner is primarily used to achieve visual effects; it is being increasingly adopted as an acoustic surface where sound damping is important for reducing noise transmission. In these cases, it is the sound absorbing properties rather than the visual effect, which is of prime importance in determining the design.



Wide Range of Designs:

Whether bound by aesthetic or practical considerations, whether a horizontal or vertical emphasis is needed on either flat or curved surfaces, with natural or artistic appearance, standard or purpose made designs; whatever the need NOEplast PU formliner meet your requirements.

NOEplast PU formliner is available in Timber, Masonry, Brick, Stone, Plaster, Rope, Fractured fin, Wood, Bush-hammered, Artistic, Straight, Anti-slip, Numbers.

With around 100 different standard designs available, it is possible to achieve almost any requirement.

Even if, with such a wide choice, the ideal design is not available, then a custom made design manufactured to the customer’s exact dimensions can be made!




NOEplast PU formliner can be used on Wooden/Timber formwork, synthetically coated Plywood skin, and Steel formwork. It can be used for curved structural elements due to its elastic properties. The surface has to be clean, free of any grease or other oil based agent.

For large areas of concrete, it can be joined vertically (at the start & end of pattern) for optimum uniformity. Normally it is sufficient for usual construction heights, but if required can be also joined horizontally (with dummy joints) so as to ensure clear design.

Nailing or screwing of the NOEplast formliner is possible too.



Rough Conditions:

NOEplast PU formliner can be used in unfavourable conditions like hot climatic regions with high humidity, excessive heat, log rest period, rain, wind, sand … by using NOE special release agents.

Long Life:

NOEplast PU formliner provide superior toughness and wear resistance so the reproduction of even the most difficult undercut and complex designs are consistent, even after many reuses. It combines great resilience and high tensile strength.



It is suitable for frequent use, up to 50 / 70 / 100> repetitions.

In fact, in actual practise you can get much higher repetitions than 100 when handled properly.

The fibre mesh backing fabric is used as reinforcement to the NOEplast PU formliner. This provides the mat with a high resistance to tears and elongation, resulting from series of pours.

With the PU formliners it is possible to achieve fantastic results for forming patterned-designed concrete!



PU formliners provide a cost-effective solution to all applications where a designed/patterned concrete finish is required. Its flexibility enables it to be used on flat or curved surfaces for precast or cast in-situ applications.


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