Formwork System for Varied Structural Design and Geometric Requirements

Formwork System for Varied Structural Design and Geometric Requirements

Formwork System

The application of innovation to the construction industry is not straightforward, despite the importance of this sector in the development and growth of the wider economy. Every construction project is different, which means that construction companies have to adapt their processes and resources to suit each project. Therefore choosing the correct mode of construction system becomes highly pivotal as a wrong selection could incur a loss of time and wealth. Of all the recent innovations Formwork system has gained immense endorsement among customers.

As architects continue to stretch the limits with design, contractors are making inventive use of formwork to allow these concrete structures to come to fruition. Consultation and expert support from the beginning can help professionals determine the formwork system best-suited for a job. This process should begin with an evaluation of the conditions known to be at the site. One such group of an expert is Sharply. Formwork by Sharp Ply allows solving many tasks in creating monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures of different complexity, from standard construction buildings to using in bridge engineering and adjustment to different monolithic construction forms.

Strategized Formwork Solution

Contemporary architecture is dominated by complex geometries and ever-higher buildings, and the success of these projects depends largely on efficiency in the construction process.

The advent of innovative designs keeps prompting formwork manufacturers to come up with new and custom solutions to meet the needs of abstract projects. Good formwork systems help to minimize floor to floor construction cycle time, thereby achieving substantial indirect cost saving for the project. Modern formwork systems provide designed solutions against all superimposed loads thereby ensuring structural safety. Also, they integrate proper access and working platform arrangements in the scheme to ensure workmen safety. Proper knowledge of formwork management helps in correct time & cost inputs for tendering process. Formwork activities require specialized skill sets for all levels of personnel involved. Hence proper skill assessment, training & effectiveness tracking are continual mandatory needs to maximize labour productivity.

Due to a variety of systems and a reasonable range of their elements execution of any buildings construction configuration, concreting of large-area walls, making of facing concrete surface become possible. Every formwork system consists of a small number of items that make it easy to use. And some of the formwork systems do not require the use of a crane at the construction site that significantly affects the budget of construction.



Customised Solution

At Sharp Ply, they provide complete range of solutions for concrete casting by various range of Formwork products & complementary commodities such as Plywood of various grades & runner solutions such as for H beams / LVL & Timber which serve to the budget of all our customers. Speaking about the various formworks, they are mentioned below:

  • Wall Formwork Systems
  • Super Lightweight framed formwork
  • Shaft Platform
  • Slab Formwork Systems
  • Tunnel Formwork Systems
  • Auto climbing Formwork Systems

Perfect Materials and the advantages

Normally in current situation various contractors use different material like Timber, Low quality of Marine / Commercial Plywood, Timber planks, Steel sheets, Plastic moulded formwork & Aluminium formwork. The reason being the variation between the lowest Timber & the highest Aluminium formwork prices is significantly remarkable.

Sharp Ply understand the need of every individual and offer them suitable product such as Calibrated & Densified range of plywood which not only gives long life but also gives required finishes for the concrete surface. When we talk about the new ventures with Mywood, Germany &Variant Factory Ltd, Ukraine the group is trying to bring to their customers the best of European solutions so that customers can focus their time on innovating rather than thinking about costs.

When configuring the exact formwork to use, specialists can draw up assembly and erection plans to suit the project’s specific requirements. With this specialized design method, time is not lost to poor planning, and professionals can work with greater certainty, having fewer interfaces to co-ordinate. A good formwork company will provide professional engineering services, recommending design changes to generate a more economical total project cost. The few advantages of formwork systems are:

  • That it helps make a company labour friendly & not labour intensive.
  • The finish achieved by formwork systems isn’t possible with plywood and timber planks.
  • The repetitions it can give is quite higher as compared to most of the competition out there.


What has been driving forward the growth momentum of modern formwork and scaffolding systems, however, are two key factors acute shortage of labour and rising construction costs, primarily due to project delays. These are two factors that modern automated formwork systems can address and are therefore becoming the preferred choice of contractors. The increase in the size of projects, especially with respect to infrastructure and high-rise projects has also been instrumental in pushing the demand for formwork. here has been a perceptible shift in market trends with contractors gradually realizing the advantages of system formwork over the earlier conventional systems. The shift is leading to the market growing at a consistent pace. The market is gradually evolving and the strictly price driven assessment is now being gradually replaced by a feature, service, and support driven view.

In regard to having made the most challenging project, Paras Kumar, Director, Sharp Ply India Pvt. Ltd. believes that it is yet to come and it should be the low-cost housing sector that is being targeted by the Government of India. The aim of the Govt. is to make lakhs of homes in a matter of just a few years & at the same time the same needs to be cost-effective for it to maintain the low-cost factor.

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‘India is growing market & when we aim for at par quality with international standard, we will have to move with systems which are overall used in abroad. As of now a lot of big Indian companies have already adopted theses kind of Formwork system & in time to come all our users & potential ones should change their working pattern to the same. We see a big demand in coming the time as we clearly see this a simpler and labour friendly product which will not only give more repetitions but also reduce labour force to ultimately lower the costs of the customers’.


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