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Fosroc India’s New Plant Extends Brand’s Footprint to Emerging Northern Indian Market

Construction Chemicals Plant

Fosroc India inaugurated its new Integrated Construction Chemicals Plant in Keshwana, Jaipur on 23rd April 2019. Fosroc’s latest manufacturing facility aims at enhancing Fosroc’s geographical coverage and service levels particularly for customers in North India and Nepal. The Plant was inaugurated by Dr. James M. Hay, Mrs. Fitriani Hay, JMH Group, Mr. Ian Watt, CEO, JMH Group & R. Saikrishnan, Regional Vice President in the presence of a gathering of customers, vendors, service providers, contractors, consultants and Fosroc management and employees.

Fosroc India

Fosroc India has been pioneering solutions for its customers in the construction industry for almost 4-decadesnow. The brand, with its manufacturing facilities in Bangalore (Karnataka), Ankleshwar (Gujarat), Kolkata (West Bengal) and now in Keshwana, (Rajasthan) has a well-esta-blished network of sales and marketing offices in all metropolitan areas and leading cities. Besides its spread, Fosroc is backed by a profound team of regional technical service specialists, mix design and specification experts, as well as development laboratories.

Fosroc manages the complete Concrete Life Cycle;

  • Working with cement and concrete producers when cement/concrete is born giving it strength and endurance with cement grinding aids and concrete admixtures
  • Working with contractors on site when concrete grows up protecting concrete with grouts, waterproofing, coatings, sealants and flooring products
  • Servicing when concrete grows old with an extensive range of repair and strengthening products

Fosroc India provides solutions to all sectors of the construction industry, specializing in solutions for the construction of buildings, industrial & Infrastructure facilities, power plants, Metro and general rail network, Defense, and to all types of transportation and civil infrastructure.

Fosroc India also hosts Fosroc’s Group Research & Development facilities located in Bangalore under the name Fosroc Technology Centre with state of the art laboratories and a team of dedicated Scientists pioneering product development and innovation.

Given the increasing demand for infrastructure in India, it is expected that the Construction and associated industries will witness impressive growth over the next decade. Fosroc India’s growing manufacturing footprint is a confirmation of Fosroc Group’s commitment to customers in India.

Fosroc world-wide is backed by its rich history of over 75 plus years of international presence with operating companies spread across Europe, Middle East, India and Asia besides other emerging geographies, with over 20 manufacturing locations and distribution network in over 100 countries worldwide.

Product & Service Portfolio

Fosroc’s wide range of constructive solutions portfolio includes

  • Cement Grinding Aids such as Cemax, Auracem
  • Admixture products such as Conplast, Structuro, Auramix, Auracast
  • Waterproofing products such as Supercast, Nitoproof, Proofex
  • Precision Grouts & Anchors such as Conbextra, Cebex, Lokfix
  • Joint Sealants such as Thioflex, Nitoseal
  • Flooring products such as Nitoflor, Cemtop
  • Concrete Repair & Protection such as Renderoc, Nitomortar, Nitocote, Dekguard.

For further details, please refer to www.fosroc.com


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