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    Fresh work to be started on Nellore Outer Ring Road

    Outer Ring Road

    The Municipal Corporation of Nellore has shelved the proposal of constructing an Outer Ring Road (ORR) after Nellore Urban Development Authority (NUDA) came into being. The civic body had plans to construct an ORR to ease city from traffic congestion. Now, the NUDA must prepare proposal for ORR project and forwarded it to the state government.

    Traffic jams are regular phenomenon in peak hours on the mini by-pass road, GNT road, and the National Highway (NH)-16 and the civic body proposed an ORR when IAS officer KVN Chakradhar Babu was working as commissioner, a couple of years ago. It was proposed to construct an ORR with 72 km length and a width of 200 feet.

    Commercial places such as Stonehousepet and Nawabpet have to be reached via mini by-pass road and NH. Many educational institutions like Narayana, Sri Chaitanya and Simhapuri, Apollo, Narayana Medical College are also located on the eastern part of the city.

    There has been severe difficulty even now to reach many places located on the eastern part of the city as commuters should cross four underbridges at Atmakur Bus Stand, Vijayamahal Gate, VR College and Magunta Layout. Even though, railways had cleared two underbridges at Kondayapalem Gate and BV Nagar railway crossing still they have to become a reality.

    South Central Railway zone officials say Railway Board had expressed its nod for the two projects allocating required funds some time ago and the state had to give its matching grant part for the project. Presently, Nellore city is having more than 6 lakh population which was designated as tier-2 city surrounded by port, industries, economic zones, thermal plants, and many other manufacturing units that are coming up which has been creating traffic woes in the city.

    The city is now having network of roads including CC and BT roads of 320 km for serving needs of the city commuters. All vehicles had to enter the city via Venkateswara Puram close to Kovur, children’s park or close to Ayyappagudi junction in city. The main feature of the ORR is connecting by-pass road, NH-5, Jonnawada Road and Podalakur Road giving respite to the city commuters.

    Recently, Joint Director of Urban Development Ministry Praveen Prakash also instructed the officials to submit a Detailed Project Report on the proposed ORR. But, the civic body officials dropped plans as the NUDA would look after such traffic issues. “We don’t have any proposal for ORR and the newly formed NUDA would take care of the project.

    We had not invited any tenders for preparing the DPR,” said an official from the town planning department of the municipal corporation.

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    1. Ofcourse, nellore west requires orr but not via jonnawada, it should be via pottepalam for development of nellore. And also it is PRIORITY 2. Firstly dtcp should focus on nellore east to construct orr to the east of nh 5 as the lakh commuters residing east of nh 5 will share this orr to move to various places in the city like person from narayana medical college to go to dto can use orr and then enter nearest city route ro reach instead using long city route, likewise… Be decide the orr at nellore east as PRIORITY 1.


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