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Fully Engineered Solutions with World Class Safety Practices by Tata BlueScope Steel Enables FMCG Major Set Up Its State-of-Art Plant in India



Colgate-Palmolive founded in 1806, is a multi-billion dollar consumer products company with a presence in more than 200 countries with its well-known brands. Tata BlueScope Steel handed over new manufacturing facility at Sanand Gujarat which started commercial production of toothpaste in May 2014 by Colgate-Palmolive (India). The expansion of this building was awarded back to Tata BlueScope Steel in Sept 2016.

Scope of Work

Tata BlueScope Steel’s scope involved design, manufacture, supply and installation of the pre- engineered steel building structure with an approximate area of 13,500 sq. meter. BUTLER® Building Systems was an obvious recommendation due to expansion of Phase 1 building (which is already a BUTLER® building).

Construction Challenges

Due to dependency on various external parameters, the team faced numerous challenges on site.

Errection of main structure of making area above RCC building was the main challenge which our construction team executed safely by advance planning.

Being brown eld project and strict statutory obligation manpower continuity was a big challenge during erection phase.

Material storage and movement through-out the project was always a big task.

Multiple agency interface was another challenge faced by execution team at the end of the project to deliver the project on time.



Design Challenges

The project had a few inherent design challenges that varied in complexities.

The structure had 4 different areas with diverse elevations, with a few parts resting on RCC columns, thus increasing the dependability on civil party for design and detailing. The new Building was an expansion of the existing structure both from end wall and side wall.

FM criteria was a pre-requisite for design of roof panels. Irregular building shape, changed FM ratings from previously designed, moreover the high wind zone increased the design complexity.

Heavy collateral load on purlins with irregular and scattered pipe rack, cable tray and other utilities on rafter increased the design effort.

Hanging mezzanine with heavy load also added to complexity.

The loadings on the proposed structure was higher than it was planned during previous expansion, making is complicated in design to check the existing members and connections.

Solution Offered

BUTLER® Building Systems with MR-24® Roof System made from high strength COLORBOND® steel was most suitable. MR-24® Roof  System provides ten years leak proof performance warranty and guranteed superior funcionalities that included higher column-free space, a mezzanine floor supported by jack beams inside the building with shear studs for crack free floor above the ground, along with Smartdek® decking profile. value engineering helped optimizing the overall design with improved economics. The structure was designed keeping in mind the width wise expansion requirement for all buildings viz, RM storage, Filing, Making and FG Building.

Erection Methodology

Execution the erection work against change of priorities in 4 areas of buildings was well managed by our construction team in line with client’s requirements.

Execution of erection in the peak monsoon period was hampered progress as ground condition gets worst for movement due to muddy and uncompact soil surfaces. On request to client, challenges of equipment movements and erection was toned down to some extent to metalling work done for civil contractor.

Sideways erection of rafter above RCC mezzanine in making area was challenging task in terms of safety which our construction team has executed safely by advance planning.

Construction team has saved significant time by erecting pre-assembled header frames to avoid delay.

without affecting existing building production work, connection between and new plant was executed safely and without any difficulty due to properly planning by construction team.


The outcome of our consolidated efforts was a successful delivery of the Colgate – Palmolive expansion project with best-in-class products and construction methodologies. Team work, collaboration, an effective planning methodology act as a catalyst for completion of this project.


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