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Gandhi Automations’ High Speed Doors are Ideal for Seamless Operations Internally and Externally

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Doors are an integral part of the smooth operations of any commercial and industrial building. That is why choosing the most suitable doors needs very careful consideration. A good door is one that combines performance with efficiency and practicality. High Speed Doors designed and manufactured by Gandhi Automations are sturdy, dependable and the ideal solution for medium and large entrances. The doors are manufactured with European collaboration and technology with innovative and creative engineering.

Gandhi Automations’ High Performance Doors are designed and factory-made with German collaboration using state-of-the-art and resourceful engineering technology for frequent use in high traffic areas with opening speeds up to 3 m/s. The high opening speed reduces time taken in movement of material, thus hastening the logistics process. Our team of skilled engineers visits the client site and recommends the most suitable rapid door.

The modular structure of the curtains, assembled and joined by anodized aluminium extrusions provides for a wide range of polyester sections available in a variety of colours. Wide, full-width window panels ensure a safer traffic and allow more light in. Their fast and easy replacement, in case of accidental tearing saves money and time. The alternating metal tubular structure inserted within the curtain ensures high wind-resistance.

Prime High Speed Doors are the ideal solution for internal and external entrances. They effectively operate in any situation even when strong winds are blowing and also in rooms with high volume traffic. Sturdy and dependable, Prime is the intelligent door for medium and large entrances.

High Speed Doors for external entrance are equipped with spring steel wind lock in curtain pocket that ensures silent door travel, higher wind loads and curtain stability.

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