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Gandhi Automation’s Innovative Strides in Dock Levellers


Gandhi Automations – India’s No.1 Entrance Automations & Loading Bay Equipment Com-pany offers Dock Leveller – perfect balance of power and performance An electro-hydraulic Dock-Leveller is not just a bridge for connecting a vehicle. Here are the various strides taken by the company in order to make innovations in the field of Dock Levellers.

Right from the invention of hydraulic Dock-Leveller, there has been no proper concern for the designing of such levellers. No solid improvement or advancement is made in their design. Such poor models carry only the old concepts and characteristics with respect to safety and installation. All these are because of neglecting the essential characteristics of hydraulic Dock-Levellers.

In order to have an efficient working, environment should also comply with the safety in work regulations. Gandhi Automations made the manufacture of its first CAMPISA Dock-Leveller in the year 1975. And during the year 1983, with the only aim of customer satisfaction, several innovative concepts were imposed on these levellers. They also reduced the overall pricing and made them entirely advantageous and cost-effective.

The latest model in CAMPISA Dock-Levellers has a whole drive unit contained in a wall box. This is installed within a wall inside the warehouse at eye level. This in turn reduces the maintenance cost hugely and eliminates the need to maneuver. A wide study of previously installed power units motivated Gandhi Automation to design the multiple consolle. Depending on the type of installation, it can hydraulically power several Dock-Levelers with only 1 CONSOLLE (drive unit). Each and every Dock-Leveler is controlled by its own control pad separately. These can also be functioned simultaneously. Having incorporated all these, we have paved a new way for better functioning of spare parts and reduction in repair procedures.

Further, dramatic economies are obtained by reducing the electric mains supply points to 1 per CONSOLLE instead of 1 per Dock-Leveler. The reduction is about 65% in Dock-Leveler installations and about 75% in Dock-Leveler and powered sectional door installations. This reduction results in important economies when installing the mains distribution box. Conse-quently, by reducing the number of motors, there is a good amount of saving on electricity costs, as the global mains power engagement is radically reduced.

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